August 24, 2021

Goats turn hunters to herders

Goats donated by the Kampong Thom provincial environment department to the Kang Meas Community Protected Area in Sandan district’s Sochetr commune on Friday. Facebook

Nov Sivutha | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 23 August 2021 | 20:41 ICT

The Kampong Thom provincial Department of Environment has donated 10 goats to the Kang Meas Community Protected Area (CPA) in Sandan district’s Sochetr commune to assist in improving local communities’ livelihoods and providing an alternative way to make a living instead of by logging and hunting wildlife.

Since 2020, the environment ministry has provided livestock representing more than 1,000 animals to local communities nationwide for animal husbandry, improve livelihoods and protect forests and wildlife.

Provincial environment department director Tob Kakada could not be reached for comment on August 23.

Long Kiseng, former governor of Sandan district, said the goat breeding programme for Kang Meas community protected area was an established project under the management of the provincial environment department to breed animals for not only the community but also for other communities.

Kiseng, who is now the governor of Santuk district, said the community has many families and the goats were to provide an alternate way of life to logging and hunting.

Environment ministry spokesman Neth Pheaktra told The Post on August 23 that the goats provided people in CPAs with the option to change occupations from traditional hunting and logging.

The ministry provides animals to people living in or near protected areas as a way to create a buffer to protect and conserve natural resources.

“So in order for them to shift from their old ways of living, we have to create a new business for them through the provision of these animals.

“It generates income that links conserving and developing ecotourism to increase revenue,” he said.

According to Pheaktra, there are currently 168 CPAs in Cambodia with over 170 more to be established across the country.

However, the ministry only provides animals to communities that participate and cooperate with the ministry.

Since 2020, the ministry has provided livestock in the form of 216 buffaloes, 153 Cambodian cows, 61 hybrid cows, six oxen, 247 sheep, 267 goats and 50 northeastern pigs to local communities, people and the army for animal husbandry and to improve the quality of life in nine provinces, according to Pheaktra.

The ministry on June 27, 2019, made the Kang Meas CPA a protected and conservation area to establish the sustainable management and use of natural resources and improve the livelihoods of local communities in accordance with government policy.

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