July 8, 2016

Hun Sen’s Family Slams Report

The prime minister’s family have rallied to support their father. Supplied

Khmer Times/May Titthara Friday, 08 July 2016

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s children, whose names were highlighted in a report on their family’s alleged hidden wealth by international NGO Global Witness, have denied the allegations in the report, which they claim is full of mistakes and false information and only released before an election to destroy their father’s image.

Yesterday, three of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s children, Hun Manet, Hun Mana and Hun Manith, rejected the claims made in the report by Global Witness and took to social media, mostly posting their comments in both Khmer and English.

Mr. Hun Manet, the eldest son of the Prime Minister, a commander in Cambodia’s armed forces and the president of an overseas youth organization, wrote on his Facebook page: “From my recent memory, whenever it is close to an election time, an organization called Global Witness has come up with very colorful accusations aimed at attacking the government and, in particular, making personal attacks on my father.

“It is that time again and there is nothing new to their subjects of concern.

“This time, it has expanded the scope for their accusations, targeting not only against my father, but against every single member of my entire family. So what is next?”

Meanwhile Mr. Hun Manith, who is a director at the Defense Ministry’s military intelligence unit, wrote on his Facebook page yesterday morning: “A very well coordinated attack on the Hun family. Full of mistakes and wrong information as usual...The single purpose of the report and article is to defame the Hun family with wrong information.”

Mrs. Hun Mana, the director general of Bayon Television and Radio, also wrote on her Facebook page, saying she thanked Global Witness for taking the time and using many resources to research the Hun family.

She said she understood their intentions towards her father and family. “And as expected every time when we are near election time, you always come out with something to try to tarnish my father’s reputation,” she said.

“Anyhow, we thank you for your destructive efforts, which as a consequence will help my father in the coming election as they are all lies and deceitful to confuse the public about what my father has accomplished.”

Prime Minister Hun Sen did not comment on the report, but posted on his Facebook page: “Today my sons and my daughter showed their ability on Facebook, and I would like to take all their messages to post on my Facebook account.”

According to the report from Global Witness released yesterday, which they said took one year to research, members of the Hun family own or partly control companies with listed capital of more than $200 million. These span most major sectors of the economy, with links to international brands such as Apple, Nokia, Visa, Uniliver, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Durex and Honda, according to the report.

The report claimed that at least 12 companies owned by people with close relationships with Mr. Hun Manith operated in the country’s 34 special economic zones.

Mr. Hun Manith’s wife Dy Chendavy, the daughter of former National Police Commissioner Hok Lundy who died in a helicopter accident, and his mother-in-law Men Pheakdey, have development licenses in special economic zones D & M in Svay Rieng province worth about $52 million, the report said.

The report also said Mr. Hun Manith, Mrs. Hun Mana and Mrs. Hun Maly were part of the management of Cambodia Electricity Private, which sells electricity to EDC, the state-owned power supplier. As a member of the military, Mr. Hun Manith’s management of any company is illegal.

According to the report, at least four members of the Hun family, including Mr. Hun Manith, Yim Leang, who is the son of Yim Chhayly and a brother-in-law of Mr. Hun Many, Dy Vichea, the son-in-law of Mr. Hun Sen, and Hun To, the nephew of Mr. Hun Sen, have positions in the government and have businesses which according to the law must be declared along with their assets.

Meanwhile Patrick Alley, a co-founder of Global Witness, said the report was based on facts and not false information.

“Global Witness’ investigation was based almost entirely on official government information from Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce corporate registry – information that members of the Hun family presumably provided to the government themselves,” he said.

“Instead of simply denying the evidence, Hun Sen and his family members should make full public declarations of their assets, including all existing connections to domestic and international companies, whether those connections are formal or informal.

“We are still almost a full year away from the commune elections in June 2017. It seems Hun Sen and his family are already in electioneering mode, thinking about a victory for the CPP when they should be concentrating on governing in a way which benefits the Cambodian people.”

He also denied the report was released to coincide with the upcoming elections.

“In the last 10 years, Global Witness has released four reports on Cambodia, not one of which has been published during an election year,” he said.

“The prime minister’s relatives have been instrumental in helping secure his control through means other than their domination of the private sector. They hold key posts across the state apparatus, including in politics, the military, police, media, and charities – sectors that prop up Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party through propaganda, political donations or brute force.

“They appear to be using their relationship to the prime minister to amass a vast corporate empire. The Cambodian people, forty percent of whom still live below or close to the poverty line, deserve to know what the ruling family are getting up to.”


henry said...

Hun’s clan, you have the right to sue the Global Witness for a billion dollars for defamation; this is your good chance since you have a lot of money to hire good lawyers.
Go ahead make their day!
What are all quacking about!?

Chun Sokha said...

You guys can deny as much as you want but the report gives all the detail . If you think the report is full of mistakes and false , don't just say it , come out and explain to Global Witness exactly which one is wrong so Global Witness can correct their mistakes . If I were you and I know the report is wrong I will call Global Witness to debate this in public so the Hun family will be clear of corruption and the Global Witness will apologize to you in public but if you are afraid of doing this people will think you are 100 % corrupted just like Global Witness said and they will never believe you again in the future.

Unknown said...

វុសៗ វុសៗ ច្បាស់ជាមិនហ៊ានខាំទេ នេះហើយឆ្កែដែកចោរ សុំចាំមើលទៅ បើសេះដុះស្នែងក៍មិនហ៊ានផង។

Unknown said...

Like father like son. Hun's father was a thief and so will Hun Sen and family be. In fact worst, all also murderers. They have countless innocents blood in their hands. From robbing off 1st and 2nd PM job, to countless of Funcipic and CNRP members and other nationalists in between. Hun Sen came from a bad blood family. Now is expanding even more of his bad side of it. Such arrogant. They think they are above the law and that no one can do nothing to them. But at the same time, they are being used by the VC Viets to execute their planned instead. Because once they are no longer useful. Both Chinese and VC Viets will have it all to themselves. Hun dynasty is sitting on a time bomb. Right now, VC ordered Hun Sen to bark in anyway they like. For Hun Sen, he has no moral, and so, he barks, like always. Today, Hun Sen is scared very scared, mainly because those poor souls will not let him and his dynasty live in peace. Because karma and cursed are real. What you is what you will get. Because God is good and he is right and just. As no one can get away from any injustice that they have committed and that no one is a above the law. Hun and VC Viets and those involved in crimes against humanity will pay, big time. However from now on only time will tell, Amen!

KhmerBTB said...

My advice to Samdech Ahkok Hun Sen and family, take Global Witness to court for defamation . If anyone else from Cambodia report it whoever it is , that person will be in court within a few days and will get locked up for years . Now I like to see you do it to Global Witness if the report is wrong like you all said but if he you wont dare to do it , that means the report is 100% correct

Hero Son Kuy of Kampuchea Krom said...

Today Cambodia is the 'Hun Sen' Incorporated. It is all the stolen money from Khmer Nation to enrich the tyrant Hun Sen family and to hire thugs to silence and kill anyone that oppose his corrupt regime.

My question to China's president Xi Jinping, the so-called corruption crusader in China. Why does he continue to support the corrupt Hun Sen of Cambodia? Xi Jinping's cause is to clean up corruption in China, but Xi Jinping is blindly supporting corrupt Hun Sen of Cambodia.