July 7, 2016

Archived news: Hun Sen set to declare assets

The Phnom Penh Post, Fri, 1 April 2011

Prime Minister Hun Sen is to declare his assets today to the Kingdom’s Anti-Corruption Unit that, though not to be released publicly, is expected to serve as an example for other officials in ongoing efforts to tackle graft.

Sar Sambath, permanent member of the ACU, said yesterday that although the contents of the declaration would remain private, Hun Sen would publicly drop off his asset declaration documents today.

“By law, documents of the asset declaration by Prime Minister Hun Sen would be kept as confidential the same as other officials, but the process is open for the press to see.”

Yet critics have expressed concern over the effectiveness of the confidential nature of the declaration process, while spouses and family members of officials are not required to declare their assets.

“I think that corruption will remain widespread in the country if the asset declaration of an official remains confidential. Our people want to know about the assets of individual officials, so that people can make their own judgments about the government’s policy to fight corruption,” Yim Sovann, spokesman of the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, said yesterday.

ACU spokesman Keo Remy said yesterday that the ACU has appealed to lawmakers, NGO leaders, selected senior civil servants, court officials, and police and military officers to declare all assets in writing before April 7.

“It is the first time in the Kingdom’s history that we have officials’ asset declarations, and I think the arrival of [Hun Sen] ... is a model for other officials,” he said.

The ACU previously said that about 100,000 officials would be required to declare their assets, but that number has dropped to 25,000, according to the latest ACU announcements.

Om Yentieng issued a notification on March 24 concerning failure to comply with the declaration deadline, saying they would face prison terms of between a month and a year and fines of up to 2 million riels (about US$500).

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Kim Ea said...

This ACU is a bad whore embed with the regime from a the beginning . This ACU was set up as a tool by this government to instigated this corrupt approach in the nation , but instead ,they tend to serve as a tool to cover up their own corruption syndicate scheme of Hoon Sen himself and families or their close cronies . The corrupt affairs start from red cross, timber contraband tycoon ,to dredging sand or sale abroad , to unlawful land confiscating from poor Khmer for sale ,and land grab of hundred thousands of Hectar as land for economic concession, all of this scheme are declare officially out of bound from ACU head as out of their duty right to know or investigated .This is OM Yien Tieng ( Yuan spy ) word declare officially in a free Asian voice radio interview . You can't find any corruption in this kingdom, because you used the most corrupt cronies to investigate the corrupt scheme , it is shot of used fox who stole hen in the same cage everyday, to guard and watch the same hen in the cage . This is a ridiculous , a farcical matter never seen before .