July 24, 2015

From reader: បើខ្មែរបែកបាក់យើងនឹងស្លាប់ទាំងអស់គ្នា



William said...

That is not true,this called stabbing from the back as Thai s usual business.
Why Thai pick the China as it back bone and dropped United States since( Thai and the States) were friend for more than hundred of years? The future queen dump USA and pick site with the China already ,lately they are spending some quite nervous amount of money to purchase the submarines . Are they both ready to kill each other?
God bless both witch countries

Unknown said...

China, Russia and Vietnam (gang of 3) have committed crimes a aginst humanity for the last 1000 years. They have helped to destroyed Laos, Burma, Chompa, Khmer Khrom and Khmers. Next, will be Thai and its surroundings as well. So, they ain't no friends to anyone but themselves, talking to them means death. Thai has the same culture and tradition as Khmers, where majority believed in Buddha (god of peace), but for the Gang of 3, they are atheists (killing is the only mean for survival). So far, Chinese spies is already active in top levels of govt, just like the CPP Hun Sen, where he is being ordered, e.g do what I say or else. Hun sen or Khmer monarchy is under threat ever since 1975. So, they are using the same tactics and tricks. If Thai doesn't see what they have done to those little ones, then, they (Thai) too be in the hot seat. By the look of it, Chinese is using VC as their agent of change and pretending to play as their enemy to confuse people like always. Why? Because they are communists, communists lie, steal rob and kill and taking to them means death. Right now, China is in the top seat. They can order almost every leader to do what is told to or else. But, in the end, only god knows what's next. For now, only time will tell.