July 23, 2015

Cambodia has no political prisoners: ruling party

English.news.cn   2015-07-22 22:39:41

PHNOM PENH, July 22 (Xinhua) -- The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP), led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, issued a statement late on Wednesday saying the country has no political prisoners, but politicians who commit offences.

"The CPP respects human rights and freedoms of individuals in their exercise of rights and freedoms under the state's law, so Cambodia has no political prisoners, but politicians who commit offences and are punished by law," the statement said.

It also denied the allegations that the CPP-led government is using judicial system to suppress dissidents, saying that judicial power is "an independent power".

The statement came after the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and human rights groups have decried the convictions of 11 CNRP members and activists between seven and 20 years in prison for leading or joining an "insurrection" during an anti-government protest a year ago.

They said the sentences were "politically motivated".

The 11 party members and activists were arrested after they launched an anti-government protest on July 15, 2014 near the Freedom Park in Phnom Penh, which turned violent, leaving more than 40 people injured, mostly security forces.

In April this year, they were freed on bail as part of the political agreement between the two parties that led to the CNRP ending its 10-month parliamentary boycott after a disputed 2013 election.

The activists were re-arrested and sent back to jail on Tuesday while they appeared in court to hear their verdicts.

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Kim Ea said...

This split hair explanation of the policy and politic manifestation is a joke of the century . Even the school children know quite well that the justice system in Cambodia is in the pocket of fascist regime . Hun Sen dictator thought that Khmer in the country, have small brain like him or they just warn all of us to stay shut or else . Think about it .

Hero Son Kuy of Kampuchea Krom said...

Khmer in the 21st century are much smarter than dictator Hun Sen would think! Stop controlling Khmer like animals and stop using guns and jail terms to create fear among the Khmer people it will not work any more. Time is ripe to liberate Khmer people from tyranny and Vietcongs' control on Khmerland--Cambodia + Kampuchea Krom!

Unknown said...


Robert Nancy said...

បើជាក្មេងវត្តមិនយល់ពាក្យដែលហៅថាអ្នកទោសនយោបាយទេ សូមមេត្តាចុះចេញពីអំណាចទៅ កុំនៅក្រាញតទៅទៀតអី នាំតែអាម៉ាស់មុខដល់ជាតិខ្មែរទូទាំងពិភពលោកទេ ។ សូមជូនពាក្យដល់
អ្នកគាំទ្រអ្នកនាំខ្លៅរូបនេះផងថា ល្មមកែប្រែចិត្តគំនិតហើយ កុំចេះតែនៅគាំទ្រអ្នកដឹកនាំខ្លៅបែប
នេះទៀត នាំតែថោកដល់ខ្លួនទេ ។

... said...

What AH Hun Xen Vietcong slave dictator was saying that Cambodia only has Prime Minister and there is no dictator in Cambodia. ahahhahha

For the past more 30 years who has been in power in Cambodia?