July 23, 2015

លោក សុខ ទូច និយាយ​រឿង​ព្រំដែន​និង​កោះ​ត្រល់


Karl [Kalonh] Chuck said...

Here we go - The Hun Sen Viet-CPP majority regime unleashes more of their PhD dog.
How many more of those so-called heavy weight PhD do they have after all of these 30 years?

Kim Ea said...

It time for Kon Khmer with higher education to concentrate of their work to find justice for your poor, farmers or any low wage employees or homelessness . Khmer depend on you to stand up with dignity ,virtue and courage to find justice and transparency for your country . Of to day political parties dominate the scene from power abuse, judicial insanity and foreign influence destroy, destabilization our social fabric to the point of unruly mood . Young and more educate Khmer generation is the last resort need to stand strong with unabated gut to help this nation. But please don't cope with the rich and powerful kids who shamelessly hiding cowardly behind corrupt dollars sac, and pretend that you don't hear or see anything happen . You are the last hope of these poor Khmer citizen to salvage this decadence political malfunction of this modern Khmer nation .