May 5, 2015

Reader: សូមបើកស្តាប់សម្តី ហុន សែន អត់មានក្បាលយួនខ្លួនខ្មែរទៀតទេ


Sithan Hin said...

So, When Ah Khvang Ma Khak will deport 4,000,000 Yuon colonists, especially inside Tonle Sap, back to Vietnam ???

Ly Diep said...

សម រង្សីគាត់ក៏មានផែនការចង់ផ្តល់សញ្ជាតិខ្មែរ ឲ្យទៅពួកនិគមជនជាតិយួនចំនួន២៥០,០០០នាក់
ដែលកំពុងរស់នៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពូជា បេីគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិឈ្នះឆ្នោតនៅអាណត្តិក្រោយ !
គិតទៅទាំងពីរនាក់នេះដូចតែគ្នាទេ ៖ ម្នាក់បេីកព្រំដែនបោយដៃហៅយួន ឲ្យចូលមករស់នៅ
ក្នុងស្រុកខ្មែរ ឡេីងខ្នាប់ជាន់ជេីងលេីគ្នា ហេីយម្នាក់ទៀតរង់ចាំផ្តល់សញ្ជាតិខ្មែរទៅឲ្យ !!

ខំ្ញុយល់ថា ទាំងពីរនាក់នេះគ្មានផ្លូវចាប់បញ្ជូនពួកនិគមជនជាតិយួនខុសច្បាប់ទាំងអស់នោះ ទៅ
ស្រុកយួនវិញឡេីយ !!

Kim Ea said...

Khmer leadership and almost Khmer in the country inherited one strange disease not curable from our ancestor, since after the collapse of Angkorian empire . This disease was a trust of foreigner brain than their own or their race . The war the decadence , the down and up, the lost of territorial, integrity of the nation because the delusional messianic vibrant of depending foreigner for help . the conundrum of foreign brain to guide and solve our own problem from one generation to another, the deterioration of self believe the untrustworthy of their own race clearly put this Khmer race down to almost zero point, our own brother and sister or parent become irrelevant, strong advised from enemy were a favoritism,that trend can destroy our solvency of national trust . Khmer from the 15th century until present time, all young generation can see in your own eyes, hear in your own ears, our leader depend on the advised from foreigner . To hide the scheme of foreign domination, they start to cover it up by demagogue,shut up criticism. squashed Khmer opinion as a defamation against the government or an obstructionist to the regime .All of these turn moribund and intentionally to hiding their failure of association . Depend on foreign authorities to control our own destiny and live for century was a seething iteration , ill conceivable and substantial cause of lost territorial , economic apparatus ,pride as a nation , some culture and civilization as well . Khmer supposed to learn about our failure and depending of our enemies for help, and please stand up with your own feet , use your own brain to build your own country and nation . we sleep for too long , we let the neighbor dominated us invade us and destroyed us for unsustainable of time without realizing the substantial damage of our nation .

phumarinkeo said...

ពួកអាខ្វាក់ឯងមួយក្រុមនេះ(អាខ្វាក់និងកូន អាមូកជា ស៊ីម អាមូកហេង សំរិន អាសាយ ឈុំ អាក្រលៀនស្អុយលួចឈ្មោះគែសុខ អាន) ពួកឯងប៉ុន្មានក្បាលនេះ គឺពិតជាកូនខ្មែរ មានខួរក្បាលយួនទេ។គឺធាតុជាឆ្កែចចក បាន ចាប់កំណើតលើដីខ្មែរ តែមានខួរក្បាលយួន ព្រោះពពួកពូជសត្វនេះ ជាទូរទៅវាមិនដែល ស្គាល់ដីកំណើតរបស់វាទេ។បើជាកញ្ជះនិងជាអាយ៉ងយួនហើយកុំចង់កែខ្លួនអី គ្មានខ្មែរណាគេនិង លើកលែងទោសឲ្យអាក្បត់ជាតិហ្អែងឡើយ។ក្រៅពីពួក៥៥ក្បាលមកពីគណប័ក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ ដែល
កំពុងអង្គុយក្នងរដ្ខសភាខ្មែរ ដែលបានសើមមាត់
ដោយសារអាកញ្ជះយួន។ព្រោះពួកអាអស់នេះ វាជា