May 5, 2015

Khmer-Islam and the threat posed by fundamentalist Middle Eastern influence


Know your niqab and hijab ... reproduced.

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Op-Ed by School of Vice

The adoption of Niqab-wearing among a minority of Cambodian Muslims is a trend that should be treated with some concern by policy-makers and religious leaders at all relevant levels of society. 'Religious freedom' just like any other forms of freedom should be exercised to the long term good and security for both the individuals in question, as well as the national community at large, and in harmony with the national historical context. 

When I raised a similar concern recently over inappropriate and opportunistic practices among some evangelical Christian groups, my note was greeted with ridicule for overlooking the great humanitarian contributions and efforts of the Christian charity movement at large, and chided for not giving due weight to the idea of 'religious freedom' or the rightful exercise thereof. Whilst it is true that a democratic and tolerant, pluralistic society has, or should have, the capacity for embracing differences among its various ethnic and religious colours, this capacity ought to ensure first and foremost that the differences absorbed and assimilated on the whole shall enhance, strengthen and unify the national mix, rather than implanting in it seeds for future communal strife, tension and violence. 

If the power of money in context of extreme poverty and want enables some Christian denominations to make inroads into a traditionally harmonious religious, multi-ethnic community, the same can also be said of the orthodox Islamic influence that has been taking roots within the ethnic Khmer-Islam community in recent years. Of this specific community, the conversion to this religious orthodoxy from within its youth will in time prove most concerning, particularly, in view of the present alarming rise of so-called ISIL [Islamic State] as a fanatical political force in the Middle East. If the converted youths have not been recruited to fight for the cause of their Islamic fraternity already, they could be called upon to do so when needed, and Cambodia, a predominantly Buddhist country will be just another of ISIL's recruiting ground. 

Note that Canberra's determination to "dump" its refugees or asylum-seekers on Cambodia also reveals its immediate and long-term national security concern vis a vis these refugees, and had the latter shared Australia's predominantly Anglo-Saxon roots, these refugees might have been treated some what more favourably?

Between 400,000 and 600,000 or so Cambodian-Muslims are believed to have perished under the KR regime. As a minority group [as I had noted previously] their collective loss is disproportionately the greatest out of the pool of the Cambodian tragedy. In contrast, [aside from the anti-Vietnamese pogroms under Marshall Lon Nol's US-backed Khmer Republic], the Vietnamese as an ethnic group had experienced the least sufferings and losses during the same period as most had been recalled back to Vietnam before or shortly after the KR take-over in April 1975.

On the other hand, and across the world, those countries still ruled in strict adherence to Sharia laws such as Saudi Arabia and Iran for example, personal and political freedoms, especially, for women are notoriously depressing. Indeed, it can be argued that the veil covering a woman's body from head to toe - except the eyes - literally imprisons her and highlights her day to day oppression in the name of Allah and Islam. And yes, the wearing of the niqab is ubiquitous in those societies.

Perhaps, the greatest threat transmitted surreptitiously through this religious influence is posed directly to the Khmer-Muslim community itself. Remember if Khmer Buddhists can be pitted against other Khmer Buddhists, it will be much easier to pit them against other ethnic groups, particularly, ones that go out of their way to be 'different' in values and appearance. 

The Cambodian imams should be given an earful, at the very least ...


Apsaravideo said...

Agreed with your editorial opinion. I can tolerate our Khmer-cham women covering their hair. Anything like niqab or burka should not be allowed.

For Zion Sake said...

Do people really desire to know whose religion has the truth? Because there are many religions in this world betting on men souls. Because I was born on Khmer dirt and Khmer dirt happen to believe in Buddhism does that make me a Buddhist? This is how we inherit our beliefs whether true or false. But if your parents are Buddhists then its 100% sure you'll be a Buddhist too.

Is diversity of religions a good thing just as long you know how to do good? Well, most of us like to think we are good, but one mistake can cancel out 100 goods...Now, do you think you are still good? So far I have not heard of Airbus 380 crash yet, but one crash could killed all aboard (500 people?) that would be a big loss despite of its safety record of many flights plane had flown.

Egypt was the birth place of all false religions. Some would argue that Israeli religion came from there also. But those critics dismissed the fact that the God of Israel judged all the gods of Egypt before he led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Islam claim to believe the same God of the Bible, but with a different interpretation. Though something they adhere too are true to the bible but we know that Satan uses God's word and twisted to fit their belief; this is the case of Islam. They are bent to destroy Israel and I know Satan had many times attempted to destroyed Israel in the land and outside of the land. So Islam is Satanic to the core at the present age. Because the HOPE of this world can only come from the Messiah of Israel, this is why Satan wants to destroy Israel.

Fact is; the fallen angels are the perpetrator of all false religions. These are rebellious spiritual beings who rebelled against their Creator. They were cast out from heaven and their dwelling is between earth and sky in the lower heaven of heavens. They led men also to rebel against their Creator - sad - but true. They taught men the art of warfare and many evil things like how to make drugs and use enchantment.

Sad that most of the of the population of this world do not know their true Creator. A dog knows its master, a cow knows its owner but people do not know their Creator.


kh44 said...


But I certainly know who your creators are: your Mom and Pop.
Be a good son, pray them.

For Zion Sake said...


True somewhat. But all of us was conceived in sin from our mother's womb. We are born with the inherit sins of our mother and father.

My father beats me like I was from hell. My family life was less desired, because of my father's beating the hell out of me I had more life living with aunt's family.

Scripture tells me to honor my father and mother. Doesn't matter if they are Buddhists. I had to forgive and forget my father's mean spirited. They are blessed now because of my financial help and better living condition after my visit.

But the ultimate truth is life comes from our Creator. God instituted marriage as between man and a woman. And he blessed them to be fruitful and multiply. Homos are the perversion of God's truth.

Sorry, I won't worship my parents as Buddhists do. They too are sinners and die like Buddha.


Jendhamuni said...

Dear For Zion Sake,

You just remind me of a woman who claimed she's a sister of King Sihanouk [but forced to live separately]. She would not accept her living mother [then] as her bio mother. She said her real parents are up there, somewhere in the sky. She was forced down to earth by the hurricane. Her mother passed a way in her late 90s. And this woman still refused to accept the poor elderly as her biological mother.

I forgot this story long ago, till I saw your comment and Kh44' comment.

For Zion Sake said...

The Bible foretold of the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire before there was even the Ottoman Empire existed. When the Apostle John who wrote the book of Revelation on some island, he was living during the Roman Empire (6th world empire) He wrote of the 7th empire (Ottoman Empire) to rise after the 6th empire collapse. Ottoman Empire came and died about 300 years ago, [not sure of date].Turkey was the power house of this empire. Now as the Bible foretold that this empire would resurrect itself to dominate the world stage again, but only for a short time and it shall be destroyed.

From this Islamic Caliphate that I believe the Man of sin will appear claiming himself to be god. The man of sin is also called the Anti-Christ. Islam deny that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. They believe in Jesus Christ but not as the Son of God. Mecca and Medina are suppose to be holy sites for Islam, but why they built that mosque on Jerusalem Temple Mt? Because the Bible said Satan wants to sit on God's throne as God sits on his heavenly throne which is directly above Jerusalem.

What is Bible prophecy? Bible prophecy is what will happen, not why it happen. Events are foretold before they came to pass.


kh44 said...


You said:

Sad that most of the of the population of this world do not know their true Creator. “A dog knows its master, a cow knows its owner but people do not know their Creator.”


When you said that people are worse than dog and cow, your mind is messed up, my friend. It is illogical.
Your story with your parents is unique to you; you cannot generalize it for the whole humanity.
I did not ask you to worship your parents but “pray”.
Go ahead say whatever you want; I am not going to argue with an illogical man like you.

For Zion Sake said...


Yes, to you my wisdom in the things that are of the Scripture are illogical to your intellectual mind.

I didn't say people are worse than animals, though it is true they can be. I only infer that if a person own a dog that dog knows who's its owner is. Or cows instinctively knows whose its owner is; yet when it comes to people - there are all kinds of beliefs that does not reflect to their true Creator.

I do not understand "pray" them to mean. Only it could mean I should pray to them?

You, kh44, were born with inherited sin nature from your parents as I was and everybody else that were ever born under the sun. Scripture stated. "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

Unless Kh44 has never aged or gotten sick or make mistakes...then only then I could believe he is infallible.


kh44 said...


I don’t like big talks filled with nonsense.
Do you agree with me this much, “without your parents you don’t exist.”
Human creates religions and not the other way around.
I age and get sick like any human being; I seek help from the doctors and take medicines but not from your god.
But when people get sick in the head like you, that is a different story.
About the difference between “worship” and “pray” I let you find out since you are a preacher.
You are free to believe in whatever you want but don’t make me thinking like you, “so leave me alone.”

You remind me of those Jehovah witness people who came knocking at my door until I put a “No Soliciting” sign.

So “No Soliciting” or pestering around with me, please.