May 22, 2015

Feeding the Savage and the Tiger

Op-Ed by School of Vice 

Cambodia went to war with Thailand a couple of times over the Preah Vihear-related territorial issue, in addition to asking the ICJ to review the underlying legal wrangle that underpinned the conflict between the two countries since 2008. Yet, not once since the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia in 1979 has the Hanoi-installed Phnom Penh regime made any official complaint against Vietnam's land encroachments along the border in the east. 

Va Kim Hong [the regime's expert on border affairs] is known to have expressed preference for a policy of shearing chunks of one's flesh off [Cambodia's territory] to feed and satisfy the tiger [Vietnam]. Ke Kim Yan [former RCAF chief] was unceremoniously stripped off his army post for having detailed a series of territorial infringements by Vietnam along the border in an otherwise obligatory routine report expected of his duty as a soldier. The 'leaked' charge or allegation made against Kim Yan was that he was removed from his post due to the vast personal land deals he had accumulated in his name. But if the charge of abuse of one’s position and power, and of massive corruption constituted the real reason behind his demotion, then he was hardly an exception out of all his CPP colleagues holding powerful positions in the military or elsewhere. 

It is clear that Mr Hun Sen would rather opt for the policy of 'appeasing the tiger' favoured by Kim Hong whenever the tiger demands to be fed, rather than exploring other possibilities that would not end up violating Cambodia's territorial integrity as affirmed under the terms of the Paris Peace Accords of 1991. Just as he publicly threatened to abolish the monarchy for its perceived reluctance to give the royal seal of approval for the controversial 2005 supplemental Treaty demanded by Vietnam. 

Fitting into this same pattern also entails the favourable land leases [99 years of ELCs] to Vietnamese companies; open-door policy on Vietnamese immigration/settlement; allowing Vietnamese nationals to enjoy a lion's share in ownership and control over vital economic arteries of the country, ranging from the Angkor Archaeological Park, national airline, telecommunications, timber and mining industries, Bokor resort, numerous prime real estates, Vietnamese 'advisors' and nationals holding government ministry positions, including within the inner cabinet of the CPP regime itself as well as the military [that's one reason why Kim Yan was caught off-guard so timely!], the imprisonment of the two Svay Rieng province farmers and conviction in absentia of opposition leader Sam Rainsy for the border stakes uprooting incident a few years back, ...  The list goes on and on. Yet, Mr Hun Sen would like to claim: 'There is no traitor in my family line'! 

The tragedy for the Khmer people and perhaps, the saddest part in all this is that, [unless Mr Hun Sen himself is Vietnamese somewhere at the core of his soul and being] he really didn't have to do what he had or has done in the course of his time in power. True political wisdom [or even a modicum of good leadership sense] points to better means and approaches of dealing with one's more powerful neighbours or patrons. In opting for the course of brutality and violence even where the perceived threat or danger to his rule had not warranted the means used, he had allowed the savage inside of him to overpower his emotions and take complete reign of his judgement and resolve. Each time this happened, the savagery in him multiplied and the humanity in him further diminished. 

So it was that many precious and innocent lives had been ruined along with this mortally diseased soul of a mad man [or beast] viewing himself as a genius nevertheless;  all in self-destructive devotion to feeding the blood-lust of the Savage inside him on the one hand, and the insatiable hunger of the Tiger, on the other.     

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Kim Ea said...

I am a Khmer man, i support your article without any reserve . You fact are true, but i have one small say to add more to this fact. In 1970 Yuon tiger jump in the fray to help Traitor Killer Sihanouk without reserve include theb 50,000 plus troop station inside Khmer land and help Sihanouk recruited their yuong Communist Khmer, Rum dos to fight with the new Khmer republican revolution and wished a big returned favor of full influence and control of Khmer political sphere . But after the victory and defeated the republic , Pol Pot pure communist ideology, stole the political scene, tiger Yuon hope vanished bid by bid and the result they have to receive a big pay back is deem to get nothing. Then this vicious croc race, resettle a new plan to send armies to invaded Cambodia collude with his old pal Sihanouk and this exclusive puppet to introduced new scheme by changing the mechanism of using map and legalize, with new treaty . After French colonial foe recognized Youn as the true owner of the Cochin Chine instead of the native Khmer race , This colonial power head have created the boundary for the to countries to respect, why in 2005 Khmer need another extra treaty map to the same boundary ? Why the same traitor create an opaque methodology to confuse Khmer ? Yuon enemy force their exclusive puppets traitors the pay back tribute for their help in 1970 and 1979 . You Khmer can see in your own eyes,or hear in your own ears,that our leadership of all time did adopted a monkey business by pay land tribute for their power. This is not and accusation or insulting our stupidity leadership, this a true event you can feel and it happen, and affected your daily life now, like the row of encroachment by our croc neighbor on your legitimate ancestor land . What did your government react to that ? they suppose to side with their citizen but instead to protect us Khmer people,they stand firm with enemy invasion and accuse our dear country man to violate the law into planting crop in enemy country . How you Khmer want us to call this government? a puppet ? a traitor? or what else we can call?