February 20, 2015

CNRP defector slams reports on departure

[Reader: 67 years is neither new blood
or the liquid blood but is thick
and dark blood CPP they need new
blood so it is not compatible]
Meas Sokchea, The Phnom Penh Post
Fri, 20 February 2015

Opposition party defector Van Sam Oeun yesterday slammed reports that his recent move to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party was due to alleged bankruptcy and that he had been “bought” by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The former lawmaker, who resigned from the National Assembly last week, finally broke his silence almost a week after announcing he was leaving the Cambodia National Rescue Party.

The Cambodian-American said those who had alleged he joined the CPP for material benefits had caused him to lose face, and maintained that he gave up his National Assembly seat in order to better be able to serve the national interest. Radio Free Asia reported this week that Sam Oeun’s pig farm in Kampot province had gone bankrupt, precipitating his move. He dismissed such suggestions yesterday, citing the US pension he currently receives as proof he had not defected for financial reasons.

“I feed 20 to 30 pigs [on my farm]. How much money could I have lost to make me join [the CPP]? If all of you want to see, come to see my [farm] and what I lost. They [who made the claims] have looked down on me,” he said.

As an engineer in the US for 34 years, he earned a salary of more than $10,000 a month, Sam Oeun added.

“I joined [the CPP] because I want to help the nation,” said the first-time lawmaker, who won a seat representing Kampot province in the 2013 national election.
“I thought that the Cambodian parliament was the same as parliaments in other countries and that’s why I joined the parliament. But having a seat in parliament has been a waste of my time.”

Sam Oeun would not elaborate on why being a Cambodian parliamentarian had been different than he had expected. However, earlier this week, Hun Sen said that Sam Oeun told him that he had encountered difficulties sharing ideas in the CNRP, with the premier alluding to “internal” issues in the party.

Although Sam Oeun is being appointed vice-chairman at the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development, he claimed to not have asked Hun Sen for any position in their meeting before his resignation.


dy thuong said...

serve the nation under viet rule ?

don't you see viet plan for Cambodia in the long run ?

lived in the US but acted like lived in Hanoi.

what a selfish !

shame on you ex-cnrp's and new cpp's!

... said...

"As an engineer in the US for 34 years, he earned a salary of more than $10,000 a month, Sam Oeun added."

=Okay...It sound good to me but how long has you been out of work? I don't care if you are an engineer or a doctor because whether you own property or rent a property and you are expect to spend between $2,500-$3,500 a month just to maintain a decent living of standard. Unless you live in rundown property and even that you still have to pay property tax, utility, and food.

Now you said that you are an engineer. But what kind of engineer? Are you Agriculture engineer? Now that you became vice-chairman at the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development and what is your blueprint for the future especially the Cambodian agriculture sector? Now it is time to shine and you have the opportunity!

Chun Sokha said...

This guy is such a big liar . He said he has been an engineer in the United States for 34 years . When did he come to the United States ? How many years has he been going to school before he graduated ? When did he go back to Cambodia ? Plus , I haven't seen any engineer makes $ 10.000 a month unless he has been working at Lockheed making fighter jets . But I don't think he knows where Lockheed is lolz

kh44 said...

He was an engineer specializing in castrating the bulls.

វិស្វករ មាន ឣែកទេស ខាង ដំ ពងគោ។

Unknown said...

If he worked at Boeing, yes he can make that salary, but I will find out this coming weekend.

Unknown said...

Van Sam Ouen is leaving CNRP because:
1- can not share idea within CNRP?
2- wanted to serve nation better?

All the above excuse are all poor excuses.

With cpp dictators, how can Van Sam Ouen share ideas with cpp crooks?

We all know that Cpp well know of bought opposition member like: keo Remy and many others

Reason #2 how can Van Sam Oeun serve nationa better with Cpp know for ruins and destruction of nation: like national sovereignty, illegal logging, corruptions.

Leaving good CNRP party for bad and ugly party like cpp is not a good reason Mr Van Sam Ouen. Cambodian is not stupid to believe your stupid excused any more. Van Sam Ouen you should be shame of your self, people like you, and those who follow your footstep has helped our enermy like Viet thieves enjoy encroach on our country with pleasure. Van Sam Ouen you are the reason that the Viet has been success in run and control our nation. You should be behead by Isis.