October 13, 2014

Khmer Rouge song: 'Angka is greater than Angkor ...'

Is this the real face of Democratic Kampuchea's Angka Leu? If so, could this mysterious Organisation still be the same master puppet string puller behind the CPP regime? [laughbag]

Two's a company: This complete image shows that the third person present in the famous 1966 happy snap was none other than Pol Pot. [There could be more similar images of Pol Pot and his colleagues in Hanoi which the Vietnamese do not want to disclose to the world and researchers for obvious reasons. This is the first I have seen of such a picture with the two men to the right together and looking in jolly harmony - School of Vice] [Image: asiapacific.anu]


... said...

Well...Pol Pot the protégé of Uncle Ho have succeed in destroying the wealth of a nation. Now it is AH HUN SEN Vietcong slave dictator turn to repeat where Pol Pot has not finished...

social experimentation is over! kleptocratic economic experiment is over! dictatorship is over! liberal democracy is over!

Cambodian people want true democracy!

Unknown said...

As a former US head of armed force, General Lord Richard said: " Ultimately you have to seize and hold ground yourself to deny them (your enemies) the ability to OPerate".

in 1979 200,000 Viet ytroops invaded Cambodia and prepared everything to be Master of TERRAIN in Cambodia. That Hanoi's System had been amsked by Training Khmers to control Khmer TERRAOIN for Hanoi with Hanoi's agents inside Khmer system to order, direct Hun Sen and Cronies what to do to facilitate hte creation of a Vietnamese Federation of Indochina with their planning a federal administration in Northeastern triangle borders Khmer-Lao-Yuon.

I did blame Nordom Sihanouk as the
true Khmer Nation Traitor to creating this opportunity for Hanoi to scceed to colonizing Cambodia.

1993 Sihanouk again had kicked UN peace keepers out of Cambodia when their duties
to prepare ground for Khmers free
from Hanoi's occupation yet.

Now CNRP is becoming Hanoi-HUn Sen's Rescue party.

Every CNRP moves always blocked by Hanoi-Hun Sen.

I has no trust on these 2 betrayal leaders for ever.

Their EGOS are so great to look down all advices from any persons, Khmers foreigners alike.

The destinity of Cambodia will be a state of Vietnamese Federation of Indochina.