August 4, 2014

News [The Phnom Penh Post]


Anonymous said...

They training tugs to be security or police ,it look like a gang or mafia not a government ,or administration in the civilize world . All these tugs was bribe or drug give weapon and order before put in a truck and send to the crowd . The congress if you are brave enough not a coward group , you need to profoundly investigate this group . Who hire them , provide money and pay role for them or give instruction to Them to commit atrocity act toward innocent Khmer protesters . This vicious crime is violation of humanity law . We need to punish according to the Khmer constitution law can't whip under the rug .

Kmenhwatt said...

Nop, they didn't train thugs to be security for Daun Penh know now as Namyang city,they hired thugs to killed and beaten up innocent protesters,when the table turned against these thugs run like coward,some so scared they took off their thug's uniform threw away.

These thugs were hired by Sok Penh Vuth to beats up anyone even by standers,Moto dup guys or journslism,even the monks etc.

Sok penh vuth had innocent Khmers' bloods all over his hands,Sok penh Vuth must be brought to justice for killing on Veng Sreng street in Nam yang!..