August 4, 2014

Most recent news on Thean Vuthy at Reachea Pagoda


Anonymous said...

A Cambodian ignorant wants to be famous. Dream big but dream wrong. A majority of Cambodians have a big dream to be a leader mostly due to the other weakness. They teach other even they are not teachers. They want to lead even they have no leadership skill. 100 people surveys show that Cambodian nationals who have Doctor degrees from complete courses: 1)- Medical doctors lass than 1000 among 15 million people which is a ratio of one doctor per 3000. 2)- 500- 800 dentists. 3)- 6000 nurses. 4)- 5 sociology PhD from academic conferred degrees from full achievement. We hear that other nonconferred PhD but own high honor from universities by charity or political compatible are about 100's. All classified and non classified doctorates are not a minimum ratio of high education in a developed country. In term if law degrees, there are less than 1000 who practice accredited laws but Cambodians who study laws are about 5000 graduated from law school of Cambodia. Cambodia is thriving to get more doctors in any field mostly in school of medecine. Because of lack of or inadequate education, Cambodians tend to believe in someone who sprouts or spring up among their group to be a leader. Beside that, the compromised laws or laws of compromise are in their favor which regresses or degenerates the nation that leads to an encouragement of Thieng Vuthy to claim himself as Buddha reincarnation. Cambodians consider Buddhism is a second obedience in the legal rights of Cambodia. Should personification be fully enforced to avoid mockery. Khmernat.

Anonymous said...

T. Vuthy built this huge Temple and where did he get all money to build it?

He walked with Hun Sen, so ask Hun Sen and his wife who created Vuthy.

Real Buddhism is dead.

Anonymous said...

Vean Vuthy doing a good job of giving a big payroll to Hun sen. In return, Hun sen give the scammer the gold medal. Does it make sense?