August 4, 2014

Michael Duong: Tigers eat cows

The tradition chess style gaming of Cambodians called "Tigers eat cows", which is the best and simple strategy that Khmers should be applied to their political maneuver to offend against and counter strike against CPP and our common enemies. Without united we could not win regardless of that kind of enemies at anywhere and anytime.


Anonymous said...

The reality is that Khmers are NOT cows and Yuon are not tigers.

In any war, the battle starts with the head.
Once your enemy defeats your head, your enemy already has won.

If you know your enemy plans to kill you,
you have two options :

1. Try to kill him first, or / and
2. Protect yourself from being killed

Never, let me repeat again NEVER try to be friend with your enemy. That was exactly Norodom Sihanouk did.

The long lasting solution is to build a strong Cambodia militarely, economically and sciencentifically.
Meanwhile, to achieve the above goals, we Khmers shall consider as our friend the enemy of our enemy.

Anonymous said...

The strategy is for people to learn and apply to it such as " the Prince", "the Art of War", and "the Book of Five Rings". If Khmer politicians are care to learn and get basic strategy then it might be better off for them than trapping themselves and pulling Cambodians along with them to their dead beds.

We don't want to cry for victory.


Anonymous said...


35 years had been passed, then Khmers are still fooled up by Hanoi-Hun Sen's tricks, and following leaders with NO VISION, NO STRATEGIES againg our common enemy: YUON HANOI.

CNRP should change its leaders, otherwise its fate will be the same as FUNCINPEC.

Anonymous said...

Young= roasted dog
Khmer= Angkor