August 7, 2014

Hun Sen discussed politic with Thean Vuthy; praised and talked about future plan at Reachea Pagoda, in 2010

In this video, Hun Sen uses the word 'Yuon' repeatedly. Yes, 'Yuon, Yuon, Yuon'. Will Mr. Ou Virak file a complaint against PM from One-Eye party about this?

Jendhamuni: Please watch the entire video to understand the dirty tricks of Hun Sen [with Yuon's backing]. Sounds like Hun Sen is comparing Reachea Pagoda to Angkor Wat. The voice of Hun Sen at the beginning is his most recent speech, criticizing Thean Vuthy. I covered this recent speech with video footage of him and his gangsters' visiting Reachea Pagoda in 2010. Hun Sen talked about the history of Tuol Reachea, future plan, sustainability, Sam Rainsy Party, Yuon, etc. Hun Sen and Yuon have been behind this whole thing. Hun Sen should not get a way from this by putting Thean Vuthy behind bar [possibly a game show]. I have heard that Hochimonk Om Lim Heng is the new worship idol of Hun Sen. Does this mean, Thean Vuthy has been replaced by Om Lim Heng? This Hochimonk is still playing a very important role behind the curtain.


Anonymous said...

នៅពេលសាធារណៈជនចាប់បាន អាមេវាធ្វើពុត
ជានិយាយទិទាន និយាយវាយប្រហាការប្រព្រឹត្ត
របស់អាកូនចៅ ។​ តាមពិត ពួកអាអស់ហ្នឹង
សុទ្ធតែកូនចៅពួកវាទាំងអស់ ជាពិសេសកូន
ចៅរបស់ទេពវង្ស សង្សក្លែងក្លាយតែម្តង ។ ពួក
ភាពសាសនាផង ។ ព្រោះពួកវាជាកុម្មុយនិស្ត
ពួកវាគ្រាន់តែពាក់ស្បង់ដើម្បីបំភាន់ភ្នែកប្រជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរដែលគោរពស្រឡាញ់ពុទ្ធសាសនាតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ ។ ពួកវាសុទ្ធតែបីសាចពាក់ស្បែកមនុស្ស ពាក់ស្បង់ជីពរដើររកលុយ និង ពង្រឹងអំណាច
ឲបក្សពួកវាប៉ុណ្ណោះ ។ ល្មមឈប់ជឿពួកអា
ក្លែងក្លាយអស់ហ្នឹងទៀតទៅ ល្មមដល់ពេលកំចាត់
ពួកវាឲអស់ពីទឹកដីកម្ពុជាហើយ កុំទុកឲពួកវា
ហើយ ។

Anonymous said...

Angkor empire fall to zero by Siam. Isn't it right. ? Siam always always kill all our intellectual. Right.? Siam attack and took over 17 province surin boriram. .....etc. wasn't Siam attack us.? Siam attack our kingdom longverk and take over batam bang. ......The Siam attack us for centuries. ...Make it short thai make war in srok khmer in every each twenty years..wasn't it true. ? .to make sure Khmer never rise up again and recently ah Siam Noun Chea aka Bun Leort finish all our intellectual. ....Right. .now you can clearly see yourself to get peace khmer must destroy evils Siam.furst. Rigth. ? And what happen Siam help pol pot at border for 23 years. Right. Destroy ah Siam if khmer want sustainable peace. And I am curious why you guy hate youn have you ever heard youn attack Khmer. ..?. Why khmer are so so so dumb. youn is our firend siam to attack Khmer separate khmer friends first why your guy not understand. Why..... .Mike

Jendhamuni said...

August 6, 2014 at 9:01 PM,

Ho Chi Mike is here to preach about his Master from Hanoi again? ;)

Just take good care of Hochimonk Om Lam Pang right now, okay?

Oh, is Drgunzet on vacation or a mission elsewhere, that's why you are here covering for him?

Kmenhwatt said...

Khmers were not "dumb" you're the one who is ignorant arrogant stupid I can not understand what is wrong with your polit-sick numbskull that didn't understand all the killing on Khmers' soil caused by these two barbaric-thugs both sides,but Yuon were the one who killed most Khmers behind the curtain,hidden behind pol pot and Sihanouk and now ah Kwaq sen reign of terror today.

7th makara offspring of Khmer Rouge as you (Mike) didn't understand shit about Khmer-yuon relationship.So, do yourself a favor SHUTTA HELL UP!..,,Go n' learn more english okay!...

Anonymous said...

yuon did not help Khmer, they invaded Khmer and installed these uneducated thugs. read Khmer history about yuon's plan after WWII in the 1940's. don't be SDC! to August 6, 2014 at 9:01 PM,

Anonymous said...

Straight to conclusion: KHMER EMPIRE will turn to Khmer EMPTIES!!! This is the curse from God!

Anonymous said...

why did he make a statue of buddha with hitler like mustache ? just curious is sacrilege . maybe that is why the spirits of the light decide to knock him down the pedestal [ by showing the world what he really is ]

Royal Gost said...

Only one thing that Thean Vuthy did right is to put Lokta Chuon Nat on the top of his head but not Ven. Tep Vong, Hanoi monk.

Anonymous said...

August 6, 2014 at 9:01 PM
Go back to Hanoi Ah Roleuy.
I thought you died a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Sen Euy !!

Mech Kor Min Chngol Pi Neak Chanh Chnaut Luoch Torl Ter Chneas Phong !!

Kmenhwatt said...

...,,Lol...,Lol..,You crack me up dude!...Died long ago,huh? Ah was busying killing cats& dogs for gook-luck in Hanoi....Now he appear again after obtain all gook-luck from eating dogs & cats.

Anonymous said...

''. youn is our firend siam to attack Khmer separate khmer friends first why your guy not understand. Why..... .Mike''

youns are nobody's friend and they are not blood related to khmers as the siams... don't forget that in ancient time siams were khmers before they were forced to change allegiance and language... they however still try to retain our khmer culture with a thai twist to it...your ancestors might once live there in the land now called thailand... and we all might even have blood relatives there as thai if we were to do DNA study ... like most americans , none are purebreed [ all mixed with many from the europeans to the native indians and even black DNA even though most of them look '' white '' ]

fighting over land is all about politic, most people--- non politicians---just want to live in peace and prosper.

Anonymous said...

I hate of Khmer leaders are killing Khmer people and destroying Cambodia like Sen Rainsy. These 2 Yuon dogs must go to hell now. Khmer people do not needed 2 crazy heads to destroying Khmer motherland and destroying Khmer people livihoods.

Hun Sen never perform any duty that fit as a Prime Minister suppose to do. Protecting and secure Cambodia from the foreigner enchroachment and stop illegal immigrants. Hundreds more duties are never done by Hun Sen as a P.M.

Hun Sen must go.

Anonymous said...

9:01 PM, August 6, 2014

The fall of Angkor Empire had been
caused by THREE FACTORS:

1-About 80 years of Khmer Civil War after the death of Jayavarman VII between Khmer Buddhists vs Khmer Hinduists ( Varman Royal families were divided into 2 factions,Buddhists and Hinduists.
Until a POR Sa'och named Ta Chey
surrounded and assassinated the last Varman king of Angkor at the beginning of 14th century. The war
continued until all Varman princes
have been killed. Then Ta Chey proclaimed himself as King of Angkor, the Sweet Cucumber Dynasty.

2-A cursing from natural disaster, a long period of DROUGHT,lasted about 30 years.

3-By seeing that Khmers were killing Khmers, then Thais, former Khmer Vassal state, invaded Cambodia , and sacked Angkor capital, because 2 sweet cucumber princes had betrayed, and opened city door
for Thai troops.

All Thai culture until today is Khmer culture. Thais came from Nan Chao, China, had lost their own culture.


Anonymous said...


A Vietnamese Federation of Indochina, Ho Chi Minh's dream is coming TRUE in the near future.


Anonymous said...

"Ten Precepts":

To refrain from destroying living creatures; to refrain from taking that which is not given; to refrain from erotic behavior; to refrain from incorrect speech; to refrain from liquors an drugs which lead to carelessness; to refrain from eating at the wring times; to refrain from dancing, singing music, going shows, wearing garlands and beautifying oneself with perfumes and cosmetic; to refrain from lying on a high or luxurious sleeping place; to refrain from accepting money.

Thean Vuthy has committed AGAINST one of these 'Ten Precepts': Refrain from LYING on a high or LUXURIOUS sleeping place.

He, Nguyen Hun Xen, and Nguyen Tan Dung should be incarcerated at KOK Prey Sar.

WHEN???...... Right Now!!!!!!!

"To keep you THREE is 'NO' gain, to incarcerate you GUYS is NO Loss"--------by Drifter


Anonymous said...

លីឌៀប កុំខឹងខ្លាំងពេក ប្រយ័ត្ន គាំងបេះដូងវើយ !

ចេញមក comment ឣោយធូរទ្រូងទៅ ។

Anonymous said...

Under Hun Sen, all evil things are possible, including the dirty youn species.

Anonymous said...

Huyen Xen and CPP have used the Youn word many times. They have also published many news media using the word Youn.

Anonymous said...

Peak chas thar a pleu teuv meurl a chkuot. Teu trov tea ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jendamuni is super good for tracing the trick of Hun Sen who is clever of doing dirty fooling game.

Anonymous said...

អុញ !


Anonymous said...

1st to the Yuon @ 9:01 pm with the Pseudo Mike.
The biggest difference between Yuon and Siem is Yuon are parasite never stopped encroaching and never stop meddling in Khmer nation, because of its expansionism. Siem were conquerors, but they never be parasites like we see along Tonlesap and all every corner of Cambodia. These Yuon are hated by Khmers, by Lao, by Montagnards and hated by even Rats, Dogs, Cats, and by all the living things that crawling on the ground. Why? Because ate and still eat them.

2nd to the UNintellectual Khmer named SITHAN. Your reasons of the Fall of the Khmer Empire are WRONG. You are one of the offspring of the Nation's evil Buddhist Destroyers, and not one that your evils ever admitted it, but only blaming others.

Let me share to understand how a nation becoming strong and powerful. It needs:
1) Strong Economy (economy is the priority for every nation)
2) Strong military defense (when a nation surrounding by all enemies like Khmers).

Now ask: Who can make the nation's economy strong? All the citizens from low, middle and up classes who contribute through e.g., taxes.

Now ask again: Who built the Khmer empire? The answer is The Hindu under Hinduism system led by the Hindu named Jayavaraman 2. Did the Hindu have million monks?
The answer is NO.

When after Siem called T'ai were defeated by the Qin called Chinese, they had no country, so their people were scattering all around Yunan province then infiltrated deep into the western of Khmer empire, while under a former Hindu king named Jayavaraman 7. Why Khmer Buddhists stayed mum and mention nothing about it? Because the Siems were Budfhists and they were nice people?

Jay 7 then converted himself from Hindu to Buddhist, and he made Buddhism as a state religion begun in late 13th century. Since then they were doomed.
Men, boys enjoyed to be monks. Their jobs as monks were peaceful for them, but they left all great burden on their spouses or families to provide and feed them. Later the economy of the wealthy empire went bankrupt until today.

This is why the Khmer Buddhists refused to admit their faults but always blame others, because they're the destroyers and they cling to this 800 years old Buddhism until their Cult is now becoming a big business for their pockets. Not only they cheated and rob people through this fallen doctrine, they never used that money to feed the poor at all.

Anonymous said...

Who created Thean Vuthy? Hun Sen and his family did.
Why? Thean Vuthy can make awesome money for them and because Khmer Buddhists mostly believe every shit if involved with their idols.

To defeat Khmers within, Yuon used Budfhism to crack Khmers down. Ho Chi Minh used it such as Puth Tumneay. He created a few Achar(s) and recruited thousand and thousand Khmers to follow Yuon. Today who knows how many Ho Chi monks and Ho Chi Nuns make money for Yuon.
I bet Thean Vuthy is one of Ho Chi man.