March 4, 2014

The word ‘yuon’ and its origins

PPP Mon, 3 March 2014
Cambodia National Rescue Party President Sam Rainsy speaks to supporters at Freedom Park last year. Pha Lina
'When the Post refers to accusations made against the CNRP for using “inflammatory rhetoric”, we do not only refer to the use of the word yuon by political leaders (which has been condemned by local human rights organisations), but also wider references made towards a specific ethnic group, rather than a foreign government, by the opposition party.'

PPP Editor's note

School of Vice: Local human rights agencies along with so-called foreign 'experts' are equally guilty of perpetuating and exploiting the politically correct but wholly inaccurate interpretation and rendering of the usage and actual meaning associated with the term "Yuon" as referred to a specific ethnic group. 

The Post is and has been equally guilty of pedaling this same myth by echoing the familiar charge of "inflammatory rhetoric" and "derogatory" references to the above mentioned term whilst ignoring its historical-linguistic context and place within the Khmer language medium. Were Cambodia as a small country not being so inundated and threatened by Vietnam's de facto political strangling and domination over her destiny and internal affairs within recent decades and in centuries past, there would have been little 'controversy' and weight attached to the term's usage in either politics or social sphere. On the other hand, it would have been irresponsible of opposition groups or politicians not to be addressing this issue of unjust foreign interference in Cambodian national life and hence infringement of Cambodia's national sovereignty as guaranteed under the PPA through this one-sided relationship between Cambodia and her eastern neighbours under the direction and state led policy of Vietnam as a hegemonic power and state. 

Local rights NGOs and civil groups as well as media outlets like the Post can exercise a more productive, equitable role through giving due attention to the forces that shape a people's perception of Vietnam, the Vietnamese or 'yuon' as their neighbours. After all, the meaning of a word is only as potent, pejorative or benign and neutral as the emotions and sentiment injected into it by the user of that particular word, and by helping to remove the causes of enmity between ethnic groups any perceived ill sentiment or connotations embedded in the term used will over time lose their grip and relevance to both the subject and object of its use or dialogue.  

Note: many local dishes carrying the prefix [or suffix] 'yuon' popular among the Khmers/ Cambodians are completely free of negative racial undertones whatsoever.


Sam Rainsy
Dear Editor,

In two recent articles titled “Killing underscores animosity” and “Rainsy alleges intimidation” published respectively on February 18 and 21, 2014, The Phnom Penh Post repeated the foreign-entertained allegation about the “use of inflammatory rhetoric in regard to Vietnam” attributed to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and myself.

The origin and the cause of the controversy rest on one single word: “yuon”, simply meaning Vietnam or Vietnamese in Khmer language.

Some people, especially Westerners who know little about the Khmer language, history and culture, allege that the word yuon has a derogatory meaning and even a racist connotation. Thus, the alleged “inflammatory rhetoric” on the part of Khmer people who use this word …

These Westerners suggest that the Khmer people should, when speaking in Khmer language, replace the Khmer word yuon with the Vietnamese word “Vietnam” any time we want to “properly” speak about our Eastern neighbours.

Actually, yuon is a traditional appellation which has no racist meaning. It has been used by the Khmer, the Thai and the Cham for more than 1,000 years to refer to a people recently known as “Vietnam” or the “Vietnamese”.

The Thai people, whose language, culture and traditions are very close to the Khmer people’s, use the word yuon in their every day parlance to designate the Vietnamese in an absolutely neutral way.

This fact is ignored by the Westerners who question the use of this same word yuon by the Khmer people in Cambodia.

In Kampuchea Krom, the [former] 21 Khmer provinces constituting Cochinchina, which was annexed by Vietnam in 1949, the native Khmers who have been in contact with the yuon/Vietnamese for more than 400 years, continue to call the latter yuon without the concerned Vietnamese feeling offended.

This fact is also ignored by the above-mentioned Westerners.

The word “Vietnam” entered the Khmer vocabulary less than 40 years ago, mainly for political reasons related to the war between Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge, who ruled Cambodia in the late 1970s.

As part of its war propaganda, the Vietnamese army started the characterisation and propagation of yuon as a pejorative term in the second half of 1977 when Vietnam was preparing for its invasion of Khmer Rouge-led Democratic Kampuchea.

This Vietnamese propaganda itself came as a reaction to anti-Vietnamese policies under the unfortunate Lon Nol and Pol Pot regimes, both of which hijacked the word yuon by giving it a negative meaning under very specific and deplorable circumstances.

But this black period extended for less than nine years in Cambodia’s long history. For more than a thousand years, this neutral word had been a piece of the Khmer language and tradition, as evidenced by the absolutely neutral meaning of yuon given in the most authoritative Khmer language dictionary published by the Buddhist Institute in 1967, which contains no mention of “Vietnam” as a possible alternative to “yuon”.

After the invasion of Cambodia by the Vietnamese army in January 1979 and the installation of a pro-Hanoi regime, the appellation yuon was practically banned, thus erasing a bit of the Khmer language and culture.

However, the situation following the end of the Vietnamese occupation and the signing of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords is much different from the one of the 1980s, and the Khmer people should regain full access to their traditional culture, which suffered both under Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese rules.

Only a little bit further back in history, in the first half of the 19th century, Cambodians had endured an even more painful experience. They were forced by the occupying yuon (the appellation “Vietnamese” did not exist yet at that time) to abandon their language, culture and traditions.

It was under the policy of Vietnamisation conducted by Emperor Ming Mang and General Truong Minh Giang, who acted as a viceroy ruling Cambodia as a colony, with an iron fist.

Countless Khmers who resisted the Vietnamese attempt to destroy their culture were massacred in what could be seen as the beginning of a genocide. Under any foreign domination, the effort of the oppressed nation to preserve their language, culture and traditions is an act of resistance.

Presently in the 21st century, in order to discredit its political opponents and to deflect public attention from real problems, the current authoritarian pro-Hanoi government – whose top leaders were put in power by the Vietnamese communist army in 1979 – has depicted those Cambodians who continue to use the term yuon as “racists” and “extremists”.

This is part of an international campaign to denigrate the patriotic and democratic opposition and its leaders.

Prime Minister Hun Sen started this campaign to mislead foreign leaders and gullible Westerners with the help of foreign fake experts but real mercenaries (Allen Myers, Raoul Jennar, etc) who know little about our country.

In an October 3, 1998, letter to US senators John McCain and John Kerry, Hun Sen capitalised on the senators’ ignorance of the term yuon by stating: “Mr Sam Rainsy referred to me as a yuon puppet. In case Your Excellencies are not familiar with the term yuon, yuon is a highly derogative and racist term used to denigrate those of Vietnamese ancestry”.

Hun Sen is known for his ties to the Vietnamese. What I said was nothing new.

But Hun Sen chose to attack my use of the term yuon rather than answer the charge that he served the interest of a foreign nation rather than his own.

It is politically expedient but historically inaccurate to accuse those Khmers who denounce the colonisation of Cambodia and are only fighting for the survival of their nation, of being “racist”.

Based on the use of a single word, the accusation of racism is groundless and inconsistent because countless people and organisations – from the late King Norodom Sihanouk to government officials to pro-CPP media to ordinary citizens – used or are using the terms yuon and “Vietnam” interchangeably.

Many foreigners, especially Westerners, have been misled and manipulated in this yuon semantical controversy, which actually hides a broader political and psychological warfare. No objective and sensible person would engage in the polemic without first trying to understand its political, historical and cultural background.

In light of the above explanation, the two aforementioned articles in The Phnom Penh Post contain groundless and unfair allegations, especially the one indirectly implicating the CNRP and I in a heinous crime.

This allegation wrongly suggests that, after the “killing fields” of the Khmer Rouge and their crimes against humanity, there are “killing words” such as yuon.

Simplistic and sensationalist comments were made and reproduced out of the context of last month’s horrible street killing when some people were heard shouting “yuon are fighting Khmers”.

Cambodia is a country characterised by a tradition of violence and impunity.

The most trivial dispute can lead to murder, the smallest robbery can result in the death of the alleged thief, and the most unfounded allegation of black magic can lead to the assassination of alleged sorcerers given the tolerance for vigilante justice.

Over the last few years, hundreds of Cambodians have lost their lives under such circumstances. In such a context, the worst could happen anytime anywhere regardless of the ethnic background of the victims.

In a similar context, the worst could also happen in the streets of any city of Israel or Palestine on such a cry as “Arabs are fighting Jews” or “Jews are fighting Arabs”, without anybody being racist.

In order to prevent such tragedies, education is the key word. All responsible leaders must join hands to fully expose any historical truth without bias and to promote tolerance.

More importantly, instead of ignoring the people’s legitimate concerns, they must propose adequate solutions to problems such as social violence, impunity, corruption, lawlessness, unemployment and illegal immigration.

Sam Rainsy,
CNRP President

Editor’s note: When the Post refers to accusations made against the CNRP for using “inflammatory rhetoric”, we do not only refer to the use of the word yuon by political leaders (which has been condemned by local human rights organisations), but also wider references made towards a specific ethnic group, rather than a foreign government, by the opposition party.


Anonymous said...

Here is my comment for online readers and Khmer folks who have tried to fight to save Cambodia and Cambodian people.

CPP regime or government under criminal Hun Sen is like Killing Fields # 2 with a different strategy to make people starve and have difficult time to survive, causing to have a lack of food, healthcare, water and so on.

Hun Sen is not Khmer, but he is a real Yuon/Vietcong puppet and secretly works for his Hanoi bosses in Communist Vietnam.

Let the world think how the situation in Cambodia is and why so many Cambodian people have been ignored, abandoned and chased away from there residents and live in the other remote areas that have no access to water, food, education and healthcare.

During the Killing Fields # 1, Cambodian people have been evacuated or forced out of the Phnom Penh city, towns, villages and homes to forest, field or remote areas so far away. So, why it is happening today in 21st century, that corrupted and criminal CPP led by stupid Khmer Rouges killer Hun Sen (as Vietcong dog) under the control of Hanoi masters (such as Nguyen Tan Dung etc).

Please remind Cambodian people today that CPP is a new Killing Fields # 2 with different plans to slowly eliminate Khmer people step by step and there have been a flooding illegal Vietnamese immigrants and thieves into Cambodia by boats and roads under the order of Hanoi master-minded leaders in Vietnam (Hun Sen's Vietnamese bosses). The UN envoys and International Community need to see this and need to understand why some many illegal Vietnamese immigrants are allowed to coming into Cambodia to settle and why so many Cambodian/Khmer people are forced out and evicted from their lands, home and property. This needs to be stopped immediately and Hun Sen needs to forced out of power provided and supported by his Vietnamese master-minded bosses in Hanoi. Vietnamese masters in Hanoi are the ones need to be blamed, put into a shame, criticized for their dirty and deadly plans to massively kill Khmer/Cambodian people using their Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen as a tool.

Hun Sen has been illegally installed as a Prime Minister by his Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi so that Hun Sen's Hanoi masters can take advantages of Cambodia by encroaching Cambodian territory, forcing Hun Sen to sign the illegal referendum to give sea/water, land at the border, islands (like Koh Tral that is changed to Vietnamese name Phu Qoc, etc), cutting the forests via illegal land concession (like illegal economic zone), allowing illegal million of illegal Vietnamese settlers or immigrants in Cambodia (causing pollutions to water, air and land in Cambodia), killing Cambodian/Khmer people, evicting Cambodian residents (who are the land and property owners), grabbing Khmer farmers' lands and properties, stealing the money from the International donors, secretly placing the illegal Hun Sen's Vietnamese advisers in CPP government offices in Phnom Penh, secretly taking advantages of Angkor Wat tourists' money, illegally doing business through trading internationally (exports and imports), placing Vietnamese military agents and bodyguards by hiding in Khmer/Cambodian military and police uniforms, reducing Khmer educators and intelligent individuals, destroying educations of Khmer students and children, making Khmer people become more difficult to earn high salary monthly or yearly, and beyond.

Please, Khmer people and readers help spread the words about the current situations in Cambodia just mentioned above.

Khmer survivor living in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Dear SOV,

May I have a copy of your article to posted in the Newspapers in the United States?

I need your permission before I am going to post to the U.S. Newspapers in order to raise awareness of the confusion.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...


Love and agree with wholeheartedly your introductory comment!

Keep up the good work, my friend!

Pissed Off

School of Vice said...

Dear reader @ 3:29 PM,

You are more than welcome to reproduce any of my pieces or comments published here.

There's no need to ask me for prior permission to this end at all. Although, your courtesy is kindly noted.

As long as any of these comments are reproduced with their spirit and contents faithfully adhered to; it's fine by me.

Take care and have a good day.

School of Vice

និយាយមិនបាន said...


Anonymous said...

The presence of the uncivilized and arrogant barbarians is already rhetorically inflammatory, let alone evil actions form them.

To remove inflammatory rhetoric is to remove the source that causes it. That is to say, expel the barbaric Viet embassy, their staff, and illegal immigrants from the land.

Anonymous said...

Iron fist communist Vietnam/Youn/Vietmihn/Vietcong-HunSen-CPP has been fooling the world for so long...

Anonymous said...

Reacting to such usage of word in a negative way and conclude that the word carries an "inflammatory rhetoric" shows that the person, user, or writer lacks knowledge and it makes him/her look unpolished.

This is quite embarrassing to the accuser. It makes them look stupid.

Anonymous said...

School of vice និង អ្នកអានទាំងអស់ៈ
តាមពិត វាគួរឲអាណិតដល់មនុស្សមិនចេះអាន
អក្សរដែលមាននៅក្នុងវចនានុក្រមរបស់ខ្មែរដែលមានមកតាំងពីយូរយាណាស់មកហើយណាស់ ។ អ្នកទាំងនោះ មិនត្រឹមតែមិនចេះអានអក្សរ
ដែលមាននៅក្នុងវចនានុក្រមខ្មែរនោះទេ ថែម
ទាំងមិនដែលបានរៀន ឬ អានឯកសារប្រវត្តិ
សាស្រ្តខ្មែរ ចិន​ យួន សៀម ទៀត ទើបមិនដឹង
អ្វីទាំងអស់ ហើយ បែជាមកនិយាយមិនដឹងខ្យល់
ទៅវិញ ។ ​

ក្នុងនាមខ្ញុំជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរមួយរូប សូមឆ្លើយចំ
បើដឹងអ្វីមិនច្បាស់ទេ សូមកុំចេះតែ​ចោទគេផ្តេស
ផ្តាសអញ្ចឹង វាមិនសមជាអ្នកចេះដឹងទេ ។ សូម
មេត្តាត្រឡប់ទៅសាលារៀនវិញទៅ កាលណារៀន
ចេះសព្វគ្រប់ហើយ ចាំត្រឡប់មកនិយាយវិញម្តង
ទៀត ។ ជាពិសេស រៀនអាន រៀនមើលឯក
"យួន" ឲបានច្បាស់លាស់ ហើយ ចាំត្រឡប់មក
និយាយម្តងទៀត ។

ប៉ុន្តែ បើសិនជាអ្នកទាំងអស់ហ្នុង ចេះអាន ចេះ
មើលហើយ តែដោយសារតែលក់ក្បាល លក់ឧត្តម
គតិ មនៈសិកាឲទៅពួកឆ្កែបំរើយួនកុម្មុយនិស្តហា
ណូយ ហើយ ទទួលបញ្ជាពីពួកអស់ហ្នុងមកនិ
បែបហ្នឹង នោះល្មមទៅធ្វើអត្តឃាតទៅវាប្រសើ
ជាង ។ កុំរស់នៅលើផែនដីនេះ នាំតែអាមាស់
មុខ និង នាំឲអាស្រូវដល់កូនចៅខ្លួនជំនាន់
ក្រោយឥតអំពើ ៕

Anonymous said...

Dear Phnom Penh Post editor, Cambodian people really know for sure what you refer the word "Yuon' designated "Vietnamese appellation. You bring this back to an inflammatory retheoric appellation. We all can stop using this word unless we change our dictionary and describe that as bad slang. To avoid confrontation of the appellation terminology, we prefer to have all foreigners call Cambodian people " Cambodian" and no other word will be called such as"Khmer, mean, khmen etc..." that ridiculous isn't it? We normally call " Chen" as refer to Chinese; " Barain" to French and American or Caucasian white people. The word " Yankee" has edited in all American dictionaries such as Webster, American, and on. The word "Aussie" is an appellation of Auastralian. Why is that? Because it is easy for some people who want to make a short cut or hard to spell out the whole long word. We are not going to fight with this stinky word, but your concern is like a grain of sand in the sea. We request your help in dealing with the justice Department in Cambodia. Do you see or feel that impunity or injustice inside Cambodia or near your nose? Please help fight with Cambodian government to gain justice for innocent people. Or you don't see anything at all there? Please help raise this question to the world as you can if you are the real people. If you say that you can't or you ignore that, we assume that you are mentally I'll and have diahea in your mouth. Please stop that and help us to fight for good cause. Thank you.

Ly Diep said...

ចំណុចសំខាន់នៅពេលនេះគឺ បញ្ហាយកឈ្នះឆ្នោត !!
១- តវា៉ទាមទារបង្កេីតគណ៖កម្មាធិការឯករាជ្យដេីម្បីត្រួតពិនិត្យេមេីលលទ្ធផលឆ្នោត
២- តវា៉ទាមទារសំុបោះឆ្នោតឡេីងវិញមុនអាណត្តិ ។
ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិមិនគួរមកខាតពេលនឹងរឿងបែបនេះសោះ ។ គួរ
ទុករឿងបែបនេះឲ្យសមាជិក ឬពួកអ្នកគាំទ្រតតាំងបានហេីយ !!
លី ឌៀប

Kmenhwatt said...

I agree with the comment above 1001%,to solve the problems we must find the root causes of it, in this case Yuon caused all of us to be racist against them because of their savagery acted against us [khmer race] we must stand up for our survival to expel,remove all barbarians Yuon from our soil.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to School of Vice for entering the world of challenge against the world of ignorance. We have discussed this issue of the word Yuon a number of times in the past but it keeps on popping back up.

The main intention of this cheap shot accusation perhaps just to wear down and distract our thinking from the most important issues like "the Yuon's exploitation and persistent ambition of territorial expansionism" which is 10 million times larger than the concern of the inflammatory use of the word Yuon, and the case of gradual killing of other races for the Yuon's own survival.

Why human eyes cannot see these dire & colossal cases it's just boggling my mind. Perhaps, just perhaps, (one's mind) may have been spoiled by some means like
a piece of 'beautiful raw meat' and it'd work all the time for the chief who offers that meat.

Human stupidity sometimes needs help to walk through an issue like leading a child by his or her hand so they can see step by step. It is strange but true.

In Khmer Constitution, in my humble opinion, there should be a law that deals with the case of TREASON to curb 'the enemy from within'. Goodness will prevail in the end in all cases because there is a coming GOD of truth & goodness in Heaven.

Chou Leang Hak


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Sam Rainsy for this comment.

I am married to Vietnames woman and we have children. I have talked to more Yuon. My wife and her relatives always call other people from Vietnam as Yuon.
It is normal for people here to use. It is not racist. Believe me the people who do not understand the word Yuon.
Please continue to use this word Yuon. It is no problem. It is problem only with unknown people.

Anonymous said...

សមរង្សី កំពុងចរចារសង្គ្រោះជាតិយួនដែលកំពុង
បន្តសំឡាប់ជាតិ និងអ្នកគាំទ្ររបស់ខ្លួនផងដែរ។
តាមគោលការកុម្មុនិស្តយួន។ ប្រជាមតិជាតិ និង
អន្តរះជាតិធ្វើការថ្កោលទោសចំហ ចង់ឲ្យមានកា
២៣ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ១៩៩១ សាជាថ្មី ដើម្បីបញ្ជៀស
បើលោកមេបក្ស និងសមាជិកគាំទ្រនៅតែបន្តធ្វើ
នយោបាយស៊ីឈ្នួលចាញ់ សុំលោកធ្វើតែក្រុម ខ្លួនចុះ ព្រោះពលរដ្ឋបានញែកដាច់រវាងជនក្បត់
ជាតិ និងសត្រូវឈ្លានពានចង់លេបបំបាត់ពូជ សាសន៍ខ្មែររួចហើយដែរ៕ សុំទានជ្រាប សុំជ្រាប

Anonymous said...

Who care about the word Youn. Get Youns off Cambodia for good.

Anonymous said...

Who care about the word Youn. Get Youns off Cambodia for good.

Anonymous said...

If the Viets are offended by being called Yuon, it's simple, just return back Kampuchea Krom and stop annexing Cambodia.
If not, " A Good Yuon is a Dead Yuon !!! "

Anonymous said...

Please let Phnom Penh Post editor says what he or she wants. It is not important for us to chase his/her tail. Please concentrate in finding a legitimate way to save our country rather than fight with a small word that we all use everyday. It PPP don't like this word let him/her go to hell, just don't read that newspaper. Ban to use of paper may appraise our piece of mind. Newspaper like that one never help to solve anything except stir up or incite the siciety in order to make a continuous income to buy some more blank papers and ink. Everyday publication of PPP in two versions reflex to readers sometimes very boring articles that we should not so concern about them. Even DAP news, we observe that the contents are not true and neutral and Mr. Soy Sopheap plainly claimed that he needed to go with the flow of the current force, if not he may be dead. A lot of Cambodians as a whole never stand for themselves. Even Cambodians monks, they preach out of context as long as they see offerings are coming, no justice nor Buddhist teaching Kompi anymore. And they preach for their own interest . Should all of us change our attitudes or behaviors or we all go to hell? Or we will be " Ka Nhom Yuon".

Anonymous said...

Why the word yourn not consider racist many years ago? Why suddenly racist? Why khmer tell khmer that it is racist? Did yourn tell us it is racist? And why is racist? Hun sen allow them to exploit all over cambodia. Now we khmer have to call them different name in order to sooth their fucking feeling? Give me a break! . You are in your own soil and do not let traitors or invaders tell you what to do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hun Sen and his family, We, Cambodians, whereas you commit ton of immoral and destructive actions against your own innocent compatriots, what will happen to you when you die? Do you remember, when Pol Pot passed way, he was crimated with car's tires in the middle of jungle and his name was inscripted in the sand. We viewed you as a good leader ten years ago because we don't learn your trick. Now just lass than 1/3 of Cambodians in the whole country look at you and say maybe I like him a bit. The majority of ten millions hate you to the gut and gum. Why do you still follow Pol Pot? How about your kids and your lovely wife will be after your death. Now you can handle those military soldiers to obey your deadly games. But since you pass away, they won't recognize you any more. What do they do? They confiscate your belongings, from your money in the bank, under the rug, your investments with all your business partners. What else do you have left? I were a serviceman under Sihanouk, Lon Nol. But I gave up my rank, my family, and what ever I had to the Khmer Rouges which you were among them hoping you and Pol Pot could do better. But You didn't instead you piss me off. You immorally kill, corrupt, deforest, sell public property even country, sign secretly, donate piece of Cambodian islands and borderline to other country, oh my God. Do you still want to be at the end like your brother number one? Please tell us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

since i was born i only heard the soup call samlor ma chu youn,not fucking machou veitnam.tell mr ou please.

Anonymous said...


In the 1950s, Vietnam had abducted thousands of Khmer children and brainwashed them to become a killing machine for Vietnam during the Pol Pot’s era, resulting of millions of Khmer people dead. Vietnam called this Khmer killing machine: Khmer Vietminh.

After its 1979 invasion, Vietnam had deployed a K5 project, aiming at obliterating Khmer race, resulting about 500,000 Khmer dead.

Vietnam has never been complied with the 1991 Paris peace accord, and instead it implemented all the bilateral treaties it had signed with its puppet CPP during its occupation.

Even now, Vietnam is still tightly controlling Ah Chker Chkuot Hun Sen, who has been so willing to execute all Vietnam’s orders, no matter what the consequences will be to Khmer people and Cambodia.

It is ironic that the International community kept painting Khmer people as racist, while they were actually the victims of the genocide committed by the evil Vietnam during the Pol Pot era through its brainwashed Khmer Vietminh and Vietnam’s deployment of the K5 project during its occupation in the 1980s.

Vietnam is scared to death about the cases 3 & 4 in the Khmer Rouge tribunal. These 3&4 cases will expose Vietnam’s deep involvements in the mass killings of Khmer people during the Khmer Rouge’s reign.

If Khmer people are racist, why other ethnic groups such as Cham, Chinese, Thai, etc…have never complained about Khmer people behavior toward them ?

I would like to suggest to the CNRP to create a research group, totally concentrating on finding the facts about Vietnam’s ill intention toward Khmer people and show it to the world. The CNRP should fight Vietnam at the root of the problems. Reacting only to the problems that staged by the evil Vietnam such as calling Khmer racist following one dead Vietnamese will take the CNRP to nowhere but hell.

Notice that If the story of Vietnam’s evil acts toward Khmer people was written by foreigners, it will greatly help the CNRP to present it to the international community to accept it.

For instance, one Indian Author has written in detail about Vietnam’s maneuverings and dominance over Cambodia.

Unless the CNRP could convince the International Community that the current Cambodia’s political impasse was largely stemmed from Vietnam’s determination to hold on to Cambodia’s throat, Cambodia’s problems will never be solved because the International Community did not know the real cause of Cambodia’s complex problems. They just thought Khmer fought with Khmer.

And Vietnam will continue to kill Khmer people through its puppet Hun Sen because Vietnam has never been punished and paid for its giant crimes against Khmer people.

To save Cambodia, the CNRP must be vigilant, proactive, and find a way to expose the evil Vietnam’s tricks to the world so that they could get rid of the notion that Khmer people are racist and consequently help us effectively.

Bun Thoeun


The word Yuon made the Vietnamese looked bad because Yuon used to use Khmer heads ( their body were buried in the ground ) to cook their tea.

Therefore, Vietnam needs to remove this Yuon word, especially from Khmer people’s mind. Vietnam wants Khmer people to remember Vietnam as the (fake) rescuer, not Yuon the Khmer killers. And if Vietnam can improve its image by taking Khmer people down too (racist for calling Vietnam Yuon ) that would be a big plus for Vietnam.

By this time, the world should know Vietnam’s hypocrisy and punish Vietnam for its barbaric acts against Khmer people.

Anonymous said...

គួរឲ្យសោកស្ដាយណាស់បើមាត់ខ្មែរ ហា៎ថាចង់

មិនត្រូវបញ្ឈប់ការទាមទា យកអ្វីដែលជារបស់យើង
មកវិញជាដាច់ខាត! អ្នកដែលនិយាយថា៖"យួន
ខ្មែរ លាវ ត្រូវតែរស់នៅក្រោមដំបូលតែមួយ"មិន
មែនជាគំនិតខ្មែរទេ វាជាគំនិតនៃផែនការណ៍ ច្បាម
ត្រូវបានប្រកាសជា "ប្រជាធិប្បតេយ្យ" យួនក៏
បាន ប្រជ្រៀតបោះជំហាននយោបាយស្របតាម
ការប្រកាសនេះ បាននឹងកំពុងបង្វិល គំនិតខ្មែរ
អោយធ្វើតាមពួកវា ពីគ្រប់មធ្យោបាយ គេធ្វើម៉េច
របស់វា នុះវាជារឿងស្រេច។ បើយួនធ្វើបានរហ័ស
វាចំណេញធំ បើវាធ្វើមិនបានរហ័សទេ វាចំណេញ
បើយើងជេរដៀលយួនថា ពួកនេះថោកទាបឬធ្មិល
យ៉ាងណា ក៏ពួកនេះមិនយកជាការទេ ព្រោះឥពូជ
យួននេះ ជាពូជថោកបង្អស់លើលោក។ អញ្ចឹង
មុខក្នុងឆាកអន្តរជាតិនោះខុសហើយ បើពួកវាមិន
អាចយកអ្វីៗក្នុងលោកនេះបាន ពួកវាមិនបាត់បង់
អ្វីដែរ! ពួកវាមិនចេះខ្មាសមិនឈឺពេលគេជេរ
ហើយថែមទាំង​ដៀលយើងវិញ "មានសម្បត្តិមិន
ចេះថែរក្សារ" ដូច្នេះហើយបើជនណាឬពូជណា
ដែលថោកដល់កម្រឹតហើយ អ្វីក៏ហ៊ានធ្វើដែរ!

- ក្រោយពីយើងបានទាមទាអោយមានការរាបចំ
បោះឆ្នោត យួនខំប្រឹងធ្វើម៉េចអោយខ្មែរ បោះ
ជំហានឆ្ពោះទៅ លទ្ធិប្រជាធិប្បតេយ្យ ពិតប្រាកដ
ពួកវារាបចំឲ្យមាន លខណៈអនាធិបតេយ្យ ហើយ
នឹង អសុវត្ថិភាព ដូចជា បង្ករអំពើពុករលួយ ឲ្យខ្មែរវង្វេង៖
បោកបញ្ឆោតកុមារ នឹង យុវវ័យ អោយធ្លាក់ចូលក្នុងអំពើអបាយមុខ
ផ្ដើមចែកដីធ្លីដោយមានការគៀបសង្កត់ មិនអោយ
បន្ទាប់មកវាទីយកដីរាស្ដ្រ ដែលធ្វើអោយពលរដ្ឋ
ពេលមានអាគ្គីភ័យ ឆេះសំណង់ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ ឬ
ទីផ្សារនាៗ ជារឿងគ្រោះថ្នាមិនអាចសង្គ្រោះបាន
ដោយសារតែបណ្ដោយឲ្យ ឬគេរៀបចំអោយមាន
លខណៈ អនាធិបតេយ្យ កែលែងឡើង ទំនង
ជាការគ្រោងទុកសម្រាប់ គេចង់បំផ្លាញចោលពេល

អំពើអនាចារ បំផ្លាញគុណភាពជីវិត្តកូនខ្មែរ
អំពើហ៊ឹង្សា ឲ្យខ្មែរនូវតែបាក់ស្បាត
អំពើឃាតកម្ម មិនដែលរកឃាតករឃើញ អោយ
ខ្មែរបាក់ស្មារតី អោយខ្មែររស់ដោយរណប។ល។

Anonymous said...

March 4, 2014 at 7:24 AM.

Mr Ou Virak wasnt born in Cambodia. Not even sure if hes a Khmer. I bet him and his family only use Samlor Majour Vietnam unlike the rest of Cambodian around the world.

According to Mr Ou Virak and those Foreign groups who are expert in the Khmer language, Cambodians are racist since the Khmer spoke in Sanskrit.

Anyone noticed how Mr Ou Virak never attack Hun Sen or CPP for using the word "Youn"? In the past Hun Sen and many CPP uses the bit "Mit Youn" or "Bong Youn" when referring to the bigger brothers in his speech.

Anonymous said...


Even the Khmer Krom living in Vietnam uses the word Youn. In this video, you can hear the Khmer Krom man cursing the Khmer girl of being a Youn. While another Khmer man agrees with the Khmer Krom man.

Anonymous said...

yuon is khmer for vietnamese. however, it is wrong to politicize discrimination of any sort, especially wrong for leaders or public service persons.

the bottomline, it is wrong to politicize yuon all the time in khmer politics. cambodia should go with the rule of law, instead.

Anonymous said...

ថាហ៊ុនសែន ចុះមនុស្សអវិជ្ជាកញ្ជះយួនដាច់ថ្លៃ
ចំណែក អ៊ូវិរះវិញ មនុស្សមានការចេះដឹងពីអាមេ
រិក ម្តេចក៏មកធ្វើ៉ភ្លើឡប់ រឿងពាក្យយួន ។
បានទទួលុយយួនជ្រុលហើយ ប្រញាប់ចេញមុខមកសុំទោសខ្មែរ បើពុំនោះទេអ៊ូវិរះ នឹងត្រូវរាស្ត្រខ្មែរជេរដៀលពូជះស់មួយជីវឹត ។

Anonymous said...

cambodia should adjust to time, too.

Anonymous said...

When we talk about YOUN, we usually meant for the evil VC top leader controlling freaks. Because they are full of shit. They have no moral whatsoever. They are more or less of a mafia controlling feaks who has the power to use and abusing it. This evil VC Viet controlling freak is causing all sort of problems within the southeast asia. They lied, cheated, stole, robbed and killed to be where they are today. If anyone is to have war with them, make sure don't talk to them, just kill them, just like they did to us all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Even their own people also had to find ways to escape from these crooks. So, what are we going to do about it? both China and US need to eliminate them of the world map now before it is too late, because they are already speading into Thailand. This evil VC will not stop unless, we stop them. Right now, most innocent Viets who are living abroad, tried to tell them of, of who they are and what they are capable of and is very a shame to have them to represent their people. So far, they put alot of priest, journalists, and activists in jail and also been killed because of their true expression on how to treat human being. But this evil Viets/VC don't give a dumb as long as they are still holding onto their evil power to continue to robbed and killed. Anyway, from now on only time will tell.

Blessed are those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and mouths to speak truth.