February 10, 2014

Vincent Prak's message to Mrs. Ung Phiny for the demise of her beloved husband

My dearest Neak Ming Phiny and family,

It is a very big and profound sadness for me to hear about the demise of Lok Pou, your beloved husband. It is very big loss for us, Khmer people, and Cambodia. Like Lok Pou Tan Phalkun aka Moan Preuk, your husband, Lok Pou Bun Heang, was a great patriot. 

We, the young generation of Khmers, will never forget their patriotic legacy.

At the moment I am writing my email to you, my heart becomes like broken apart and bled of sadness. Please accept my deepest condolence Neak Ming.

May Lok Pou’s soul rest in peace.

Vincent Prak

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Sothea said...

Vincent Prak,

Thank you for your heartfelt message. Like every Khmer people around the world, we are all hurt and overcome with sadness on the passing of Lok Tha.

Lok Tha, may you find peace at wherever you are. Thank you for everything you have done for the country of Cambodia.