February 15, 2014

Mr. Heng Thal Savuth talks about fruits and vegetables from Vietnam


Sothea said...

Mr. Heng Thal Savuth,

You are full of wisdom. I feel you have so much experiences, history and life lessons to teach all of us, especially the younger generations. I support you 100%!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Heng Thal Savuth,

You should be an advisor to the CNRP party. You are considered a genuine Khmer compatriot who is a remain from Pol Pot regime.

Anonymous said...

បងប្អូន ប្រុសស្រីជាទីស្រឡាញ់ ,

វិចារណកថារបស់លោកហេង ថាល់ សាវុឌ្ឍិ និយាយត្រូវ១០០%

កូនយួន ៧៩ធំអស់ហើយ ! ឃើញមុខពួកវាទេ???

បក្ខពួក គណៈបក្សប្រជាជន ជាក្រុមភាវកម្ម ដែលមានទាហាន យួនយៀកកុង ជាងមួយរយពាន់(១០០.០០០)នាក់បង្កប់នៅពីក្រោយខ្នង រាយគ្រប់ក្រសួង, រដ្ឋបាល សំរាប់ ប្ដឹងតវ៉ា, ញុះញង់, មួលបង្កាច់, ចោទប្រកាន់ ពីបទឧក្រិដ្ឋនានា
ឬ បាញ់សម្លាប់បំបិទមាត់ខ្មែរអ្នកស្នេហាជាតិ, ខ្មែរអ្នក
ជាតិនិយមនានា ឬ ចាប់ដាក់គុក បំបាក់ស្មារតីឱ្យខ្លាចបាក់ស្បាត លែងហ៊ាន ប្រយុទ្ធ ប្រឆាំងដើម្បីសេរីភាព បូរណភាពទឹកដី !

គណបក្សប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា គឺជា : បក្សកុម្មុយនិស្តក្រុមហាណូយ ជាបិសាចប្រែរូប ជញ្ជក់ឈាមខ្មែរ បំផ្លិចបំផ្លាញពូជសាសន៍ខ្មែរ ឱ្យរលាយ រលត់ដូចប្រទេសចំប៉ា!

បើខ្មែរមិននាំគ្នារើបំរះទេ ខ្មែររងចាំតែថ្ងៃងាប់ប៉ុណ្ណោះ….!។

Anonymous said...

The more Vietnam exports their fruits to USA, Japan, Europe, Russia, the more they must improve the standard. I general do not trust stuffs from the low-standard countries.

You cannot trust the stuff in USA either. They might meet the standard by using the sanctioned chemicals in their production, but chemicals are still chemical.

Thus I always wash the fruits and vegetables in a certain technique to first dilute away the chemicals, then shake the vegetable in a big bucket of water to shed away any left over chemical.

I always dip the vegetable in hot boiling water to break down any bacteria or pathogens on the outside.


Anonymous said...

Great comment, Hun Sen is incapable. He surrounds by the people who always uses him for their benefits. Hun Sen is pleased by those people.

Anonymous said...

To DrGunzet,
But Yuon leaders had a real intention to kill Khmer people
by poisonous food and produces immersed in FORMALDEHYDE to export
for Cambodia, but never consume in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why cambodia should import fruits and vegetables from neighboring countries like vietnam, etc... vietnam is next door to cambodia, if vietnam can grow fruits and vegetables for import to cambodia, i think cambodia should do the same. stop bias against cambodia for a change already!