February 9, 2014

Message from Sam Rainsy to Mrs. Ung Phiny on the passing of Mr. Ung Bun Heang

Dear Phiny,

We are terribly sad and distressed to learn about the demise of your dear husband. Please accept our deepest condoléances. 

Lauk Bun Heang, as a great patriot, a talented artist and a dear friend, will continue to live in our hearts and minds.

May his soul rest in peace. 

Sam Rainsy and Tioulong Saumura

February 9, 2014 at 4:03 AM


Anonymous said...

Real Khmer Patriots are keep dying and real Khmer opportunists using CNRP and poor people pictures for more donation fund become arise.

Stop send money to any groups that their bank transactions not transparency to public.

Anonymous said...

Layer or barrister can’t issue any latters to request other party to answer anything for 14 days. Only Court can issue latters or call other party to defense themselves or show evidences in certain of period.
Therefore, Miss. Kem Monovithya talks about ICC and her lawyer or barrister is scam and fraud to gain donation fund that only benefit her and her clan again. The people that live at USA must file a complaint to their local authority about this scam, fraud because this scams fraud happens at America soil.