February 9, 2014

In Memory of Ung Bun Heang (AKA Sacrava)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Ung Bun Heang was a great sacrava carton. I will miss your tolent very much. Hope one of your family will take over your beutiful skill and have it put back here. May you rest in peace. And thank you for your master piece. I enjoyed it very much.

Sothea said...

I'm going to miss his drawings so much. He was such a talent. I think all the Khmer community will agree with me that he provided an outlet for laughter and humor when the times were tough and harsh. I only wish he could live to see true democracy that he so sought after.

Rest in peace, lok Tha.

Anonymous said...

I know this family well. During that time I was my teenage years, and I admire his wife used to work as a police liaison officer. She used to go to my mum's house to get her traditional clothe done for the new years or other specail occasion. They then decided open their resturant but did not go well etc. They are a very hard working couple and have great respect from their community members. I am now in shock to hear this news, and much sadden, I cried in such grief, such a big lost, but I am sure he will always be remembered as a great man, much talented and much loved. I shall miss him dealy. My though and pray are with him and his family. May he rest in peace now and forever and ever, Amen!

Bong Penny I am so sorry for your loss.


eang said...

We are deeply sorry to hear about the death of Mr Ung Bun Heang. I love his cartoon very much. The picture made me smile and laugh. You are gone for ever, but our heart and our soul are always with you in this time of sorrow. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for our lost but we must keep fighting.

Every transaction from donors must be declared. The money that they spend must be declared too. The money that we are contributing to them is our hard blood working. We help our country to get a real democracy, people to get a better life, save our country from Vietnam colonial.
We don’t give our money to them to spend free without declaring every transaction that they spend. Before I like Cambodian Hot New I & II, but when I know their tricks that destroy CNRP, I hate them so much. The more money that we give the problems that will be happen.

Anonymous said...

Ung Bun Heang,
(I know you still read KI)

Don't forget to take Ah Chker Chkuot Hun Sen with you.

Once Ah Hun Sen's soul got out of his body, first you kick Ah Hun Sen's testicles ( Porng Kdor ) and then you make a powerful round kick sending him to hell, and you go to the place that you belong - heaven. And your soul will be rested peacefully in heaven.

You can do it.

Taking Ah Kbot Cheat Hun Sen out of Cambodia will greatly diminish the chance of the evil Vietnam taking over Cambodia.

Bun Thoeun