February 9, 2014

Controversial artist Bun Heang Ung talks about Khmer works

Follow link to listen to interview: 

Controversial artist Bun Heang Ung talks about Khmer works | Connect Asia | ABC Radio Australia

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Anonymous said...

Before the barbaric Viets brought and breed communism in Cambodia, life was wonderful. No one begged for food on the streets. People had freedom. Cambodia was blanketed with over 70% of beautiful trees. Tonle Sap was pristine. Phnom Penh was the Pearl of Asia. Prosperity, peace, and serenity were all enjoyed by all classes of people, just to name a few.

Arts and culture thrived. Cambodia produced the finest generation of architects, singers, sculptors, etc. Even still today, the voices of the old vocalists are heard.

But the barbaric Viets got jealous of Cambodia. They used their devious and dirty tricks to destroy Cambodia into ashes. The Pearl of Asia became the ghost town. The barbaric Viets produced the Killing Fields in Cambodia. The barbaric Viets trained and produced Pol Pot #1.

Now the barbaric Viets train and produce Pol Pot #2. With their third hand, they kill Cambodians in daylight.

Cambodians cannot assemble on their own soil. The barbaric Viets can speak the barbaric YOUN language in Cambodia but Cambodians cannot speak Khmer in Khmer Krom.

The cheapest and lowest race of animals must be destroyed in order to gain peace.