February 10, 2014


[A message Mr. Sacrava wrote on Heng Soy's post

RE: HENG SOY ជានរណា?

Anonymous said...

Dear Visam,

I am very please that you post the real identity of our beloved friend Tan Phalkun AKA Muon Preuk and Socheata.

I was very devastated to learn of his sudden passing while I was fighting for my illness. It was even harder to stay silent and not being able to inform the public about the very sad news.

Nevertheless I am very proud that most of the KI team are soldiered on to honor and keep his legacy alive.

My dear PT, your dedication and determination inspire all of us who care so much about our motherland Cambodia and its people. May you rest in peace and your legacy be continued to inspire our people of all age.



Anonymous said...

Please accept my condolences for the family.

I'm waiting to hear the news about the DEATH of ah hun sen. I know it will be a great joy for all who love justice.

When a good man dies, we cry in sadness. When an evil one dies, we cry in joy.

Go to hell evil ones, including the barbaric Viets and their slaves.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to his family.
He, unlike many of us displayed his displeasure through his creative drawing about the current state Cambodia.
He brought laughter as well as joy when poking fun of Hun Sen.
I am very sad to say that he did not lived long enough to see what he sought out to do, which is a free Cambodia.
I will surely missed him. Thank you for all that you do. Rest in peace my friend.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to hear the passing of one of Khmer Hero and famous Artist since an old time during Peace and Khmer Rouge & Vietnam War in the 60...he was so brave during the invasion of youn and Khmer Vienminh in 1970 to fight Nationalist Khmer to defend Youn Expansionism in Srok Khmer to accomplish Indochinese federation (Khmer, Lao & Youn).
Our praying for Mr. Ung Bun Heang be blessed by lord buddha for him to R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to hear the passing of one of Khmer Hero and famous Artist since an old time during Peace and Khmer Rouge & Vietnam War in the 60...he was so brave to cover the news and drawing caricatures during the invasion of youn and Khmer Vietminh in 1970 to fight Nationalist Khmer to defend Youn Expansionism in Srok Khmer to accomplish Indochinese federation (Khmer, Lao & Youn).
Our praying for Mr. Ung Bun Heang be blessed by lord buddha for him to R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

what illness? anybody knows? still young.

Ly Diep said...

ខំ្ញុសូមចូលរួមមរណទុក្ខយ៉ាងក្រៀមក្រមជាទីបំផុត ជាមួយអ្នកស្រី និងក្រុមគ្រួសារទាំងអស់ ។
សូមវិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ខលោកអឹុង ប៊ុនហ៊ាង បានទៅជួបប្រសប់នឹងឋានវិបុលសុខកំុបីខានឡេីយ ។
លី ឌៀប

Son of a Farmer said...

Rest In Peace,
my beloved Big Brother!

Anonymous said...

May his soul rest in peace!

We shall miss him, Mr. Ung Bun Heang!

He is certainly a great political cartoonist.

Pissed Off

Anonymous said...

Dear Phiny,

I came to know Ung Bun Heang's work when I was managing editor of the Phnom Penh Post for several years from 1999.

We ran his work when we could. It was rare to find such a combination of artistic talent, political acumen and humor in a cartoonist anywhere. He was truly world class. His cartoons could be acerbic but were not cruel. Honesty cannot be cruel.

His work so often hit the mark far more eloquently and succinctly than any writer could achieve with the written word.

I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet him in person but I felt I knew him through his work and commitment. Both of which I admired greatly.

Please pass on my support, thoughts and prayers to your family and friends at this time of great loss.

Kind regards

Peter Sainsbury

Anonymous said...

SAM RAINSY samrainsysrp@gmail.com
3:15 AM (4 hours ago)

to me
Dear Phiny,
We are terribly sad and distressed to learn about the demise of your dear husband. Please accept our deepest condoléances.
Lauk Bun Heang, as a great patriot, a talented artist and a dear friend, will continue to live in our hearts and minds.
May his soul rest in peace.
Sam Rainsy and Tioulong Saumura

Sothea said...

My deepest condolences to your family and friends during this sad time. I am truly sorry about your loss. May his soul rest in peace and his spirits live in you.

Anonymous said...

Kaun khmer in D.C. (February 9, 2014 at 5:37 AM)

Are you out of your mind? Are you pretending to be a Kaun khmer in D.C.?

Are you trying to create a fight among Khmer unity and being so jealous?

We need focus the current situation in Cambodia and Cambodian people are facing the terrible time right now under the bad CPP regime.

You are focusing on the money and money that you worried about and then bring up the messages to readers about the donation of money. Are you trying to block it?

Guess you are a CPP supporter.

Anonymous said...
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Apsaravideo said...

:( Awwww ! :( I'm so sad. I've always been enjoying your cartoons. You'll never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Lok Pou Sacrava.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P brother Bun Heang.

My condolences and sympathy to Mr. Ung's family.

Kind regards,

from California

Anonymous said...

Ung Bun Heang,
(I know you still read KI)

Don't forget to take Ah Chker Chkuot Hun Sen with you.

Once Ah Hun Sen's soul got out of his body, first you kick Ah Hun Sen's testicles ( Porng Kdor ) and then you make a powerful round kick sending him to hell, and you go to the place that you belong - heaven. And your soul will be rested peacefully in heaven.

You can do it.

Taking Ah Kbot Cheat Hun Sen out of Cambodia will greatly diminish the chance of the evil Vietnam taking over Cambodia.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Ung Bun Heang, Khmer Cartoonist par excellence

First time I noticed his political cartoons was during the republican days, in the pages of the Nokor Thom daily, edited by Soth Polin. His art was striking in its originality. His drawings were easily recognisable; he invariably signed himself off in Khmer as "Peou", a coil-like signature which he hasn't used again post-1979 (as far as i know). Sometime at the bottom of a scathing article he'd draw a beagle trotting along with a bandage around his mouth. In a master stroke of publishing flair Nokor Thom started to devote their entire front page to a UBH cartoon in their Sunday editions, a habit they continued until the closure of the paper in July 1974. More often than not the cartoons depict what Khmer political factions have been up to while the country burns. The format was so popular that Nokor Thom's rival, Koh Santepheap, began to imitate with works by their in-house artist Hul Sophon. In one remarkable cartoon UBH drew a send-up of Prince Sisowath Sirimatak as Lucky Luke the cowboy, shooting faster than his own shadow. Priceless, as they say in the West, pun not intended.

Fast forward to KI-Media forum, and UBH's art has changed drastically. The wide-eyed idealism is gone, and so has political optimism for Cambodia. Instead we are treated to cartoons that would have made Walt Disney blush in his grave. Some time we see politicians as hyenas running around in landscapes filled with tree stumps, apocalyptic flames and grey background of people with begging bowls. Some time Hun Sen shows up as this strangely harmless wide-eyed country bumpkin at the beck and call of his alleged Hanoi masters. Sihanouk is depicted as a frail bald old man in a white tunic that recalls more that of an achar, than that of a member of the royal court.

Strangely, over the years i've read his cartoons from since i was a 17-year old school boy, UBH's political belief seems somehow stuck in a time warp. Sad as it may sound, it is as disjointed as his many cartoons. For example how could you claim to uphold democratic values, berate the CPP for its communist dictatorship and yet with the same breath you demonise vietnamese immigrants, legal or not? Racial hatred has absolutely no place in a free democratic Cambodia, or any where else in a civilised world for that matter. Yet it is espoused ad lib by the political opposition of which UBH is a bona fide member, and also by Sam Rainsy (check the Swiss criticism on Sam Rainsy at the recent Geneva UN human rights meeting), and just about every other anon ranters on KI Media. It is simply weird that some of these racist rants are made by Khmers living in such tolerant societies as the US of A, France and Australia. You would think they'd learn something growing up as minorities in such democracies. But then there are learners and there are slooooooow learners.

Despite these reservations, UBH has a special place in Cambodia's pantheon of artists and UBH has a special place in Khmer history. Rest in peace Ung Bun Heang.

The Unknown Rambler.

Anonymous said...

The Unknown Rambler.

February 9, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Did you know that Vietnam abducted about 5000 Khmer children in 1950s and brainwashed them to be a killing machine for Vietnam during the Pol Pot era ?

About 500,000 more Khmer people had vanished from Vietnam's deployment of the K5 project after its invasion of Cambodia in 1979.

It is so sick to hear the killers were the victims of racism.

The Known Rambler

Anonymous said...

Layer or barrister can’t issue any latters to request other party to answer anything for 14 days. Only Court can issue latters or call other party to defense themselves or show evidences in certain of period.
Therefore, Miss. Kem Monovithya talks about ICC and her lawyer or barrister is scam and fraud to gain donation fund that only benefit her and her clan again. The people that live at USA must file a complaint to their local authority about this scam, fraud because this scams fraud happens at America soil.

Anonymous said...


ខ្ញុំសូមចូលសំដែងមរណទុក្ខយ៉ាងក្រៀមក្រមជាទីបំផុត ជាមួយអ្នកស្រី និងក្រុមគ្រួសារទាំងអស់ ដែលបានដំណឹងមរណភាពលោកអឹង ប៊ុនហ៊ាងជាស្វាមី។

លោកអឹង ប៊ុនហ៊ាងបាន យកកម្លាំងចិត្ដកម្លាំងកាយបំរើមូលហេតុជាតិតាមរយះស្នាដៃដ៏ឆ្នើមជារូបគំនូរផ្សេងៗ។

លោកអឹង ប៊ុនហ៊ាងជាគំរូដ៏ល្អ ដល់កុលបុត្រខ្មែរក្នុងការបំរើមូលហេតុជាតិតាមសមត្ថភាពរៀងៗខ្លួនដែលអាចធ្វើបានទោះជាមានលក្ខណះបែបណាក៏ដោយ(សំដែងមតិដោយរូបគំនូរឫសរសេរឬជាចំរៀង...)។

សូមវិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ខអឹង ប៊ុនហ៊ាងបានទៅជួបប្រសប់នឹងឋានវិបុលសុខកុំបីខានឡើយ ។



Anonymous said...

May Big Brother Bun Heang rest in peace, your unforgettable cartoons will be staying for ever in our khmers s nationalism ever.

Anonymous said...

Known Rambler,
Yes and more.. i've seen vietnamese colonies in their floating villages in Kg Chhnang, with their rights to carry guns to shoot any khmers who mess with them. A country within a country. And the CPP turns a blind eye. These yuons (i agree that the word "yuon" has never been a pejorative in Khmer literature), pay no taxes and they deplete our fish stocks at the expenses of our fishermen. The greatest affront is colonial France's ceding administrative powers to vietnam over Cochinchina and Koh Tral.
BUT all that does not justify racism as a political weapon. As signatories of the UN human rights charter we recognise such thing as human dignity, regardless of skin colour.
It would be a huge boost to his integrity if Sam Rainsy stop playing with race issues. He cannot portray himself as Mandela but act like Hitler at the same time.