August 19, 2018

មហាបាតុកម្មអហឺង្សា របស់មហាជនខ្មែរ ប្រឆំាងរដ្ធាភិបាលចិនកម្មុយនឺស្ត (នៅមុខកុងស៊ុលចិនប៉េកំាង នៅទីក្រុងឡូសអង់ហ៊្សឺឡេស) ដែលទទួលស្គាល់ ការបោះឆ្នោតក្លែងក្លាយ​នៅកម្ពុជាខែមុននេះ


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Kim Ea said...

Chinese communist invaded Khmer nation one more time in this haft of century . Please remembered the event before Khmer atrocious civil war with ton of Chinese communist killing weapon and money . This time China old fox used same vicious identical tactic to dominate this Khmer low IQ but ambitious to stay one power . The Chinese Communist approached this maniacal authoritarian PM by procuring to installed this nation back from bad reputation of a troubling Vietnam relation .Did this was a change of tactical scheme by using same communist Asian clan to fool Khmer ? Believe me Vietnam gain a big time from land , mine , forest and border intruding . Now is China turn, they offered a lot of loan with low interest and some free cash to this government on roads , bridges and infra- structures , Now this communist step by step chained this small unsustainable nation in their tied grip, and their influential as a new face of Asia imperialist tended to coerce this low IQ dictator mafia to abandoned democratic for 30 years away by sale this nation for them if you and your clan wanted to stay in power . Chinese communist did not gave you free money fool even they gave you money you must pay back ewith something more valuable .To avoid headaches China did not want to have a direct administer control over this nation . This was a huge mistake for a second time in Khmer history ,that Khmer nation plunged for a second time in the hand of this cool but calculate war mongering .China wanted wanted a huge agriculture land from Khmer for agricultural investment and feed their future population expansion. Second they need new mine resources , or, precious metal like gold and others minerals that they can extract for their growing ambitious industrial . This regime and Khmer idiot short sided can asked why Hun Sen abandoned Vietnam and hold hand with China ? Khmer still gave foreign a lot of manipulation room to move ,don't ever forget that the first civil war in this Khmer nation was supported by these two idiot main power . one provided tons of weapons and money another one give actives forces and main power and havea direct attack to this nation . They both destroyed Khmer to the ground . Don't ever forget how many Khmer lives got perished by these two boggle mind nation ? To get a float and have a political stability low IQ Hun Sen put China as a backbone advice and financial cash. How can we are as Khmer can defeat this new giant face imperialist ? It seem impossible of thinking isn't it ? No i think we are as nation can still defeat this anarchic maniac regime some day, i said that because i wish in one day Khmer stop divided and shattered like of to day If Khmer unify in one group, put the country or nation first ,forget about personal ambiguity .personal fame and personal power mongering, we still can rigmarole a unify patriotic sentiment and retake this nation back to our hand. The problem we face of to day is to much of follower and less of dignify leadership team that are courageously proved as a real patriotic .Not Hun Sen ,not liar Sam Raing Sy and not a bunches of coward people just enjoyed wine, restaurant talk politic . These fake nationalist just know how to said yes and no , but hiding behind their cowardice rhetoric .