July 19, 2018

Justice calls for legal action against Rainsy, Chhay Eang

Eng Chhay Eang talks to CNRP youth at the party’s headquarters in Phnom Penh in 2016. Photo supplied

Ben Sokhean | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 19 July 2018 | 14:19 ICT

The Ministry of Justice on Wednesday called for legal action against leaders of a former opposition party who evoked the King in their calls for a nationwide boycott of this month’s national elections.

Recently, two members of the court-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) issued pleas to the nation via Facebook, to follow the example of King Norodom Sihamoni and not vote on July 29, as part of their “Clean Fingers” election boycott campaign.

Government officials said they considered such action as an “offence” against the King and the Cambodian people.

Senior leaders of the former CNRP, on the other hand, claimed the government was afraid that such boycott calls would be successful.

The ministry’s call for legal action comes after the former president of the CNRP, Sam Rainsy, and Eng Chhay Eang, its former deputy president, recently made Facebook posts claiming that boycotting the election is akin to “following” the King’s action of not voting.

A ruling party spokesperson said the former opposition party’s campaign could be effective – but only with those who live outside the country.

Justice Ministry spokesperson Chin Malin told The Post on Wednesday that the former CNRP leaders had insulted the King, which violated Cambodia’s lèse majesté law. He said they must be held accountable for their actions.

“My view is that those who commit this type of action must be held responsible."

"We cannot let those individuals violate the law or just do whatever they want to violate the King, a symbol of the country, who everybody respects and love . . . It is unacceptable, not only for me but the people as well,” he said.

He said while the King has a right to vote, he doesn’t because of his desire to remain neutral as he is the King of all Cambodians and not just a political party.

“This action is one that violates [the law]. It’s slander and has negative effects on the reputation of the King. It looks down on the King, and abuses his reputation,” Malin said.

He said the ministry is reviewing the case, but whether charges will be filed depends on the prosecutors. Nonetheless, he reiterated that “it is an offence”.

CPP spokesman Sok Eysan wrote on Telegram that the CNRP’s Clean Fingers campaign is “hopeless”.

“As for the campaign, it is effective only for those who live abroad and who have not registered for the election,” he wrote.

“Therefore, their Clean Fingers campaign is not effective. The election process will go smoothly and reflect the will of the Cambodian people, who will decide the fate of the country in line with multiparty democracy.”

However, former CNRP deputy president Mu Sochua questioned why the government would decide to take such action. She asked The Post: “Why is the government so afraid of a simple clean finger?”

Speaking to AFP, Andrea Giorgetta, director of the Asia desk for the International Federation for Human Rights, said the proposed boycott was legal and that the government’s reaction was “another sign of its fear”.


Kim Ea said...

It is the most disgusting for our nation court system . Khmer people of to day lives an fear and cold blood and distrust of justice system . the riches, the government can ordered the court and judge to act outside the norm of criminal laws to fit their will .It became a foolish nation, unable to have any right to confront or fight for the truth or their right . Criminal syndicate regime can violate any laws without punishment and even can abused or accusation of their citizen without challenge . They want to put any one of Khmer innocent to prison just flied fake news or the fake information ,then pushed their criminal fanatic supporters in high echelon will jack up their jungle draconian laws to justify the case and configured out crime or scope of offensive .These illegal used of force to incarcerated the victim without warrant from judge or court was rampant in this dictator nation . Dictator thug cried out loud to arrest some one in same direction the judge and the court completely executed right a way .A fair judiciary did not exist but the deplorable judge just did it to satisfied the dictator . Judge supposed to be person of laws and executed the laws in the book , but Khmer judge just did a contrary to the norm of justice. It very shameful we have a justice system like of to day in this nation . Did we Khmer need a revolution ? NO -we don't need another killing spree to this already saturated nation , but Khmer wanted a change of justice system to be independent from vicious order and obey the laws . when the court system and judge in the pocket of the PM and riches the devastation ,flabbergasted and criminal accusation will play a big roles in this nation . The fire can start from a braise of cigarette tip .

Chun Sokha said...

Hey Ministry of justice, What legal action do you have against Sam Rainsy and Eng Chhay Eang ? Are you talking about the law in Hun Hen's mouth ?

Justic Justice said...

Hun Sen is above the law in Cambodia. He framed, defamed and killed. Yet, no one can anything to him. Exactly as communists wanted him to do, for Khmers to continue to kill khmers. Known as ‘ killing two birds with one stone’. Doing so, to avoid going to war by losing men, money and energy.

They would work smarter but not harder. They will continue to create one problem after another for Hun Sen to deal with rather then focus border and consumption protection etc., for their national interest off course. Cambodia is finished. As Hun Sen once said he is under communists controlled and that their over 100, 000 Vietnamese armed forces working within the system and that no one wants to lose their land and sea. That he is their puppet. Yet, people are blaming him for all things. Exactly as communists wanted. For Khmers to continue to kill khmers.

Hun Sen is just a barking mad dog. He only taking order from his boss communists Chinese and Vietnamese. So, may God save our souls. Amen. For now, only time will tell. In the end, communists will kill Hun Sen dynasty the last minutes.