April 23, 2018

CNRP/CNRM meeting in Paris

Sam Rainsy | ២១ មេសា ២០១៨ / 21 April 2018 - Live: CNRP/CNRM meeting in Paris.

(ផ្សាយផ្ទាល់) កិច្ចប្រជុំ ជាមួយ អ្នកគាំទ្រគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ និងអ្នកគាំទ្រចលនាសង្គ្រោះជាតិ ដែលរស់នៅប្រទេសបារាំង និងប្រទេសមួយចំនួនក្នុងទ្វីបអឺរ៉ុប ស្តីពី "ការស្តារឡើងវិញ នៃលទ្ធិប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ នៅកម្ពុជា"។


Samnang Bin said...

កិច្ចកលទាំងឡាយដែលសម រង្ស៊ី បានសម្ដែងតាំងពីក្រោយថ្ងៃទី១៦​ខែវិច្ឆិកាឆ្នាំ២០១៦មកនេះ គឺបានសេចក្ដីថា ៈ សម ​រង្ស៊ី កំពុងតែអង្វរអាមេចោរឧត្បាតហ៊ុន សែន សុំឧ្យខ្លួនមានសេរីភាពអាចូលទៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាវិញបាននៅមុនថ្ងៃបោះឆ្នោតនៅថ្ងៃទី២៩ខែកក្កដាឆ្នាំ២០១៨នេះតែម៉្យាងគត់ ??? ​៕

Justic Justice said...

Sam Rainsy. once said Cambodia political life is like a stage drama, but all are a team players. In order words, Sam Rainsy was being hired to do the job, to play their game. The game of reserving a seat for Hun Sen, to continue to be PM of Cambodia. Just look at his character during 2013 election, he went off to enjoy himself at the beach after 100s been killed by CPP, because of the up rising. Sam Rainsy then went off as if nothing happened.

Therefore, Sam is as bad as Hun Sen. They both have innocents blood in their hands. All people wanted was a change in leadership style, and Sam Rainsy pretended that he could deliver it, but not. In fact, he handed all CNRP members to Hun Sen VC CPP to be executed, for their (vC Vietnamese) national interest.

Therefore, Sam is also a murderer. Just like the rest of other Khmer traitors. Cambodia is finished.