February 26, 2018

Cambodian PM Vows to Bash Aussies on Their Own Soil

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen waves upon his arrival at Air Force Station Palam in New Delhi, India, Jan. 24, 2018.

David Boyle, February 23, 2018 5:41 AM

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA — An Australian parliamentarian says he has sought the intervention of federal police in response to threats from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to beat citizens of the country on their home soil.

In a speech Wednesday in which he also threatened to boycott the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in Sydney next month, Hun Sen said those who plan to demonstrate there should remember “that my visit is an honor for their [Australian] government.”

“If you burn my effigy, I will go after you and beat you up at your houses. I warn you in advance,” he said. “I want to be clear, if you have the right to burn [images of] me, I have the right to beat you up.”

At the summit, hundreds of protesters are planning to confront Hun Sen, who has ruled for more than three decades and recently had his country’s only viable opposition party dissolved ahead of elections in July.

Before that he vowed to kill several hundred people if necessary in order to win the ballot and has orchestrated a sweeping, prolonged assault on the media, civil society and political opponents.

Threats and sanctions

The premier’s inflammatory remarks this week came as Germany imposed punitive measures in response to these actions while the EU Council is reportedly about to request sanctions and a review of Cambodia’s crucial preferential access to their market.

In his speech Wednesday Hun Sen also threatened his would-be Australian hosts that he will “leave shame on the face at the scene” if they dare treat him inappropriately.

Cambodian-Australian Hong Lim, a veteran MP in the Victorian state parliament, said he contacted Australian Federal Police (AFP) on Thursday in relation to the threats and is taking the matter to Victorian State Premier Daniel Andrews as well as federal parliamentarians.

“Yeah I think they have an obligation to look after us and also if somebody is threatening to beat someone up that’s illegal, that’s a criminal offense and if they are actually following, that’s stalking, that’s a criminal offense.”

Lim said he was “astounded” that Hun Sen could make comments like this on the eve of a visit to another country, but that in Australia, the Cambodian PM seemed to get away with everything.

“I would have assumed that the federal police would have to go and get him at the airport and interrogate him. Any other person would have that consequence and why with this man is that not the case?”

“It looks like Australia is now being blackmailed, or held hostage — it’s my way or the highway,” he said.

FILE - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks to state and territory leaders during a meeting of the Council of Australian Governments at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, Oct. 5, 2017.

​'Embarrassment' for Australia

Only a few refugees in several years have been resettled under a controversial deal with Cambodia in exchange for tens of millions of aid dollars. Observers regularly suggest the deal is muzzling Canberra from speaking honestly about rampant human rights abuses and corruption under Hun Sen’s regime.

Rather than seeing Hun Sen’s visit as an honor, Lim characterized it more as an “embarrassment” for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government.

Canberra’s relationship with Phnom Penh is further complicated by the latter’s influence on in its long-term ambition for ASEAN membership and recent efforts Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has made, under domestic pressure, to secure the release of an Australian filmmaker charged with espionage in Cambodia.

FILE - Mourners march along the decorated vehicle loaded with the body of Cambodian prominent political analyst Kem Ley during a funeral procession in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Australia has also just accepted as refugees the wife and family of slain Cambodian political activist Kem Ley, a hugely popular figure who was assassinated in 2016 in what many in the country consider to have been a state-sponsored hit.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh did respond to VOA requests for comment.

The Australian Federal Police told VOA they had yet to receive a referral regarding the issue but would evaluate the situation in accordance with standard procedures if they did.

Carl Thayer, an emeritus professor and the University of New South Wales and a regional expert, said Hun Sen’s threat could be seen as “ an incitement” as information was surfacing that Phnom Penh was orchestrating a counter protest for the summit.

“Well, look, you know I think that obviously the federal police will have to listen and evaluate threats to Australian citizens and I think that the threat there is not that Hun Sen would do it but some of his supporters in this country,” he said.

“I’m told there is an attempt to organize some sort of pro Hun Sen activity to counter what’s going on,” he added, stressing details were very vague.

Controversy in US

Another assertion by the Cambodian premier, that his absence would invalidate any ASEAN consensus at the Australia summit, was not true, Thayer said.

Hun Sen could, however, wreak havoc on Australia’s attempts to foster closer ties with the association by rallying members against them, he said.

The Cambodian premier’s family has courted controversy during several recent trips abroad.

During a 2016 trip to the United States, his son Hun Manet was confronted by protesters everywhere he went and forced to pull out of one event while his bodyguards were accused of assaulting a process server attempting to hand them legal papers at another.

Later that year when he traveled to Australia, his reception from the local Cambodian community was equally frosty.

This week Germany announced that preferential visas had been punitively withdrawn from senior Cambodian officials, including Hun Sen and his family.

The Financial Times has reported that EU Council Conclusions set for Monday will warn of a possible rollback of Cambodia’s duty and quota free access to their market and request enhanced monitoring of it.

Moves in the United States are underway to impose targeted sanctions against members of Hun Sen’s regime including asset freezes.


KhmerBTB said...

Hun Sen is a leader of a terror group , he is not a Prime Minister .

sam said...

Hun Sen is mentally ill; he does not fit to be a PM.
He was ignored during a dinner at the APEC summit in Vietnam last year.


phuc.dung.long said...

In a speech Wednesday in which he also threatened to boycott the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in Sydney next month, Hun Sen said those who plan to demonstrate there should remember “that my visit is an honor for their [Australian] government.”

The only honor you have is squatting down and looking if your nuts has dropped another inch.

Kim Ea said...

This is splashing of freeze cold water to the face of Australian government officials. It is also a reciprocal of the past embed Australia official policy which embraced a good deal of forging a secret agreement in Khmer people back in linking of their unsolved cancerous refugees disease in Australian politic .Your foreign minister took a profitability occasion to gain a deal and hope of easy resolving the refugee affairs when this nation have a troubling dispute on voting system . Did Khmer remembered about this secret contacted to recognized this macho government of Hun Sen in the 2013 election dispute ? This harsh unresolved event of Khmer voting dispute , and we still busy to put up a rigid protest on the street to nullify the voting fraud and demand a recounted the ballot box .This tension are so dire for all of Khmer poor at that time, but a close friend of Khmer people country, one among the most democratic world, just sneaked behind our back and stabbed us by force to recognized or accepted this regime as a winner administration. At that time no others democratic world nation accepted this contest ballot box yet, in that difficult circumstances, the Australian administration sneaked in behind Khmer people back and have a defer deal with full official recognition of this lunatic administration right. This deal was a must do in that circumstances because it involved in a grand scheme to get rid of an unwanted boat people refugees. This secret deal was stab of millions of Khmer griefs and desire to dump a cancerous unwanted boat refugees for decade in to our nation.This Australian government preferred to shoot one bullet to get two bird in the same time .It was a quagmire wake up in Khmer nation and i can say our closed Friend nation accepted this regime mafia as a sole representative of Khmer even this regime tried unlawful crack down hard on any Khmer innocent protesters on the street of the capital city. In addition on that this pinhead government intended to re-enforce the mafia dictator cash strap with 40 millions dollars bribery to solicited this deal. But lucky this bad deal did not go as they planted ,because those Muslim refugees don't want to end up in Cambodia or lives in this poor prone nation . Now the wheel of history will play back in this scene again after 5 years. This time the gangster mafia communist ruler,provoked a dire warning to harm or kill any Khmer Australian citizen in their own land, if they are protesting his ruling maniac or burning his effigy in public. Could Australian administration accept this war mongering dictator to terrorize Australian administration with this harsh rhetoric ?It is shameful provocative warning and the administration of Australia must take action to this warning ,this bastard gangster bloody hand and former communist maniac, never respect any laws and sovereignty of any country because they have Communist China with big stick stand behind him .

Justice said...

Hun Sen has no idea about real democracy, that no one is above the law, not even a MP. In Australia they have law to protect everyone equally regardless. Even with such threatening could he can be charged for it. Because in Australia they promote love, unity and respect, given zero tolerance to all kinds of discrimination and condemnation. A person like Hun Sen, they would consider him as a psychopath and that mental institution is suitable for him, to receive treatment and that he could be at risked to the society. Left alone allowing him to be a leader. But why is he? Who allowed him to continue to be a leader? As he once said ‘ Let me tell you the truth, the truth is I am under Viets controlled, and that there are over 100,000 Vietnamese armed forces within this system, no one wants to lose our land and sea but because I am under their controlled’. Meanwhile VC Viets are under Chinese controlled. Hun Sen at the same time is being used to kill Khmers, known as ‘killing two birds with one stone’, for Khmers (Hun Sen/CPP to kill Khmers (CNRP/people).

Therefore, Hun Sen has no power whatsoever but to follow order from communists at all costs. Doing so, is to destroy all for her and her people. Why? For their national interests. Chinese’s aim is to conquer the whole Southeast Asia, by using VC Viets to assist in the killing of both Cambodian and Loas by using one of their puppies, but once VC Viets no longer useful, they too will be gone. Which is already happening, Chinese already took over Hanoi and they already used their currency. Sooner or later Cambodia and Loas will do the same. By using Chinese’s currency means it is part of China. Exactly as planned for the last 1000 years also.

Meanwhile, Hun Sen is so blind to the core. He has no idea what he is doing. ‘Know yourself and know your enemies’ Chinese’s proverbs. Therefore, real enemies are outsiders, not Khmers. So you better stop, stop being so stupid. What you are doing is like suicidal. Stop making a fool of yourself, before it is too late.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...after more than 30 years in power, AH Hun Cent Vietcong slave dictator has the entitlement to everything in Cambodia including the Cambodian people! The dictator has the right to kill, to assassinate, to imprison, to beat up...to exile any Cambodian people whether it is in Cambodia or in the foreign soil! This is amazing for the dictator to have such absolute power and there can be no challenge! This is the last day for Cambodian people!

Hemondno Viata said...

ស្ដេចពាលមិនដែលនឹកអៀល(អៀន)ពិភពលោក ដៃជើងស្មោគគ្រោកប្រើសម្ដីបាតផ្សា
ងុបតែអំណាចការឲ្យបានខ្លាំងក្លា ទោះរាស្ត្រដាក់បណ្ដាសារទ្រហឹងម្តេចក្ដី ។
យកកម្ពុជាធ្វើទ្រព្យពលរដ្ឋខ្លះជាប់ គុកខ្នោះជាន់កប់ចូលទៅក្នុងដី
តែងចោទអ្នកជាតិក្រុមរក្សាខ្មែរតម្លៃ ស្ដេចពាលព្រៃផ្ស័យដេញចាប់កម្ចាត់ ។
ថ្ងៃអន្សាជិតដល់់រកខ្យល់ច្រចាំ អ្នកជាតិចំណាំហើយពោលគ្រប់មាត់
អំណាចឆ្អិនឆ្អៅនឹងត្រូវរបូតភ្លាត់ ពីដៃមេក្បត់អគតិក្រុមនេះ ៕ ជ័យោ!ខ្មែរអ្នកជាតិនិយម!

Chun Sokha said...

I hope federal police in Australia will be waiting for him at the airport where his airplane will be landed .