February 13, 2018


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Justice said...

Hun Sen and dynasty has survivored by torturing her and her people. Sooner or later they will pay for this, as nothing last forever. Karma is real, because what you do is what you will get, what you put in is what you will get out of it. Fear no one but God, because God is good and he is right and just. He knows every move you make and that no one in this world can hide from the truth, the truth will always be the truth. Hun Sen however can change and that it is never too late to do good.

From today on, Hun Sen should focus on what else needs to be done. Try to separate between people and problems. Because everyone needs to be educated and not be blamed oe condemned. If things went wrong, try to find out why, or which way is the best way. No one wants to make mistake, only some missed understanding, that’s all.

Do not hold grudges, always ready to forgive and let go. Just like being a good parents do, teaching their children right from wrong and let go. Therefore, please let Som Sokha go and see how people will react from there. Hun Sen is not a bad leader, only needs to be re-educated, that’s all and that it is never too late to do good. We only human and human makes mistakes sometimes, but at least we can learn from our mistakes. So, just try to learn from out mistakes and move on. Off course it takes time, but all for the betterment.