October 21, 2017

Former Cambodia Opposition Leader to Be Charged With Treason

FILE - In this Aug. 16, 2015, file photo, Sam Rainsy, leader of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), waves from a car upon his arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as hundreds of cheering supporters greeted him on his return from a trip abroad. The head of Cambodia's opposition party has announced his resignation from the group after the country's long-serving prime minister announced plans for a law that could lead to the party's dissolution. Rainsy announced his resignation Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, in a letter to his Cambodia National Rescue Party.(AP Photo/Heng Sinith)

Kann Vicheika VOA Khmer 20 October 2017

The Cambodian government produced a video which is said showed Rainsy admitting to the allegations.

PHNOM PENH — The former president of Cambodia’s opposition, Sam Rainsy, will likely be charged with treason in the coming days, a senior official has said.

Gen. Khieu Sopheak, an interior spokesman, said Rainsy would join the CNRP’s current leader, Kem Sokha, in facing charges of plotting to overthrow Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government in a “color revolution”.

While Sokha was jailed in September on the charges and is being held in a Tbong Khmum prison, Rainsy has been living in exile since he decided not to return to Cambodia in 2015 after years-old defamation sentence was revived while he was visiting supporters abroad.

The government produced a video which is said showed Rainsy admitting to the allegations.

In the video, he called on underpaid soldiers to “turn the weapons and overthrow this authoritarian government.”
Sopheak said the statement was clear evidence of illegality.

“As the prime minister said, he wants to catch the big fish, which means Sam Rainsy will be sentenced as well as Kem Sokha, for promoting color revolution and listening to foreign orders,” he added.

He said that the government would file lawsuits in the courts in both Cambodia and France against Rainsy.

Rainsy did not respond to phone calls requesting comment.

In response to the video posted by Rainsy, several military commanders came out publicly to say they were determined to protect the government against opponents.

So Chantha, a political scientist, said the ruling party was restricting freedom of political expression.

“The popularity of the opposition is due to the support for Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, which is a concern to the ruling party,” he said.

“Therefore, the intention to restrict the freedom and put pressure on the opposition party is to weaken or destroy the opposition.”


Narin Vong said...

If Rainsy did call on the underpaid soldiers to “turn the weapons and overthrow this authoritarian government," Rainsy has clearly committed treason.

Remember, people have the right to express their opinion, but not an absolute right to entice others to violate the law.

When Rainsy desperately wanted to become the Prime Minister, he became irrational in many ways even willing to violate the law.

A reminder to So Chantha, anyone can make a political expression, but no one can cause others to commit a crime. Everything has a limit, and Rainsy should know it well.

KhmerBTB said...

Hun Sen should have been prosecuted as treason for asking Vietnamese to invade Cambodia and allowing 200.000 Vietnamese somdiers to occupy Cambodia for 20 years without the approval of Cambodian people and the recognition of the UN and Hun Sen knows that too. Dont think people will forget it . Hun Sen one day will be facing the real Court for treason in the future , dont think he will get away with it .

Bong Song said...


You're a commie, you are supporting oppression on humanity. Hun Sen is the face of treason, supporting Vietnam taking Khmer land. Shame on you Narin.

I hope Vietnam will face colonial time like under the French for another 200 years. Maybe this time, China will take over Vietnam.

YOu such Narin, fuxg you.

kohtral said...

Ah choy mray Nam Vong. Ah chhke Hun Sen.