April 18, 2017

Source of Khmer Genocide

By Narith Tieng


Kim Ea said...

Please Khmer people need to beware and learn this devastate euphemistic ideology of communist bloc ,which can flourished and put Khmer race in a danger form in the last century a lone .Because of our stupidity and incompetence of Khmer leadership component , we Khmer believed that communist countries friend are more generosity and important for our national sustainability . For many centuries since the great King of Angkor period ended, we Khmer nation rarely have a good leaders . They rule this country as sublime thugs with absolute power dynasty with no dignity , no pitiful , no irrelevancy or common sense to guise the country . All of them just depended on foreign blatant influential as rhetoric and forced their own citizen to accepted any ideology that did not fit in Khmer culture or civilization . Then the revolt, the squeamish between grass root citizen and the power absolute leadership exploded frequently and a brutal suppression or confrontational including bloodshed, took place with a dangerous tone on their own race. They entwined Khmer innocent with their influential friendly leadership, full narcissistic foreign style of indoctrination . This event occurred in Khmer nation ever since. Although the creation of Khmer civility,peaceful religious adaptation turned virtually against our own race like a tool to killed our own existence . As a Khmer, I am very discernable by putting a complete blame squarely on this new staggering creative methodology of communist , our new foreign enemy, is not a conclusive or concrete evidence yet, but for me it was a combination with our weakest link of incompetent of Khmer none nationalist leadership to, It is my fair judgement .

henry said...

J'ai mal à la tête.