March 17, 2017

CNRP will never ‘rule Cambodia’: Sopheak

Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak in 2016. Heng Chivoan

Meas Sokchea, The Phnom Penh Post
Thu, 16 March 2017

Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak yesterday said the ministry was investigating the validity of a recently held CNRP congress to elect a new president, before then flatly stating that the opposition will never come to power.

The remarks came a day after his boss, Interior Minister Sar Kheng, said he was looking into whether the CNRP had violated its own bylaws in holding the March 2 congress, which saw Kem Sokha elected party president alongside three new deputies.

Kheng appeared to be referencing CNRP bylaws, changed ahead of the party vote, which previously required 18 months to pass before filling a presidential vacancy.

While affirming that the case was now being investigated, Sopheak, unprovoked, claimed that the CNRP did not have the capacity to run the country and that it wasn’t in their destiny to ever form a government.
“There is no occasion that the CNRP can rule Cambodia. There is no way that the CNRP can lead the country from now until 50 more years,” Sopheak said.

Reacting to Sopheak’s claim, CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann dismissed the statement, saying it would run the government if voted in by the people.

“We are not interested in what he said, but we want to know about free and just elections, so citizens can express their will,” Sovann said.

Political analyst Meas Ny yesterday said Sopheak should not have been commenting on who could form a government and leave that to the electorate, especially given that the CNRP has narrowed the seat tally in the National Assembly.


Leang Hak Chou said...

I believe his word is officially true and it reflects strong determination of his own party to grip the power. This should be no surprise to anyone since all armed forces are determined to stand firm behind the CPP. You buy the heads and you'd get the rest under the armpit who would automatically turn into a breathless tool once they'd decided to join forces to ease the burden of their livelihood.

Cambodia has become a house of a sole dictatorial authority that dwells on top of all decision making and executing the will of that authority. The international community has no legal power over the sovereignty of Cambodia. It becomes paralyzed from the neck down and can do nothing even though it sees endless abuse of all kind in this poor society of Cambodia that just emerged from the pit of hell a few decades ago.

The international court of justice holds only its formidable name but no real power. God is the only real hope for justice anywhere in His creation. And God is not a religion. He is a real Entity with real power. The clock is ticking and the days of doom for all the wicked draw nearer in every stroke of second hand. So go ahead and smile and wait.


Son Taim said...

This is Khmer a Rouge former.

Chun Sokha said...
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Chun Sokha said...

He is telling people that he is stupid . If that's what CPP thinks , whats the point having a free election once every 5 years ? Voters will make their decision which party will have the right to create a new government , not CPP .

monous chkout said...

His word is true about him being ignorance in the democratic country .