February 13, 2017

PM’s son wades into letter fray

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s second son, Hun Manith (right) was appointed deputy head of the Cambodian People’s Party’s internal monitoring committee. Facebook.

Mech Dara, The Phnom Penh Post
Mon, 13 February 2017

The son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Hun Manith, seemed to revel in a “leaked” letter circulated yesterday in which Sam Rainsy, ex-leader of the opposition, purportedly suggested his wife take his place at the helm of the CNRP rather than his deputy.

The letter, bearing Rainsy’s signature, was swiftly denounced as a fraud by Rainsy and other CNRP members after it appeared on Fresh News – a media outlet often used to disseminate government announcements.

If true, the contents of the letter – which suggests CNRP lawmaker Tioulong Saumura, Rainsy’s wife, assume leadership – would have served as a stinging rebuke to party deputy president Kem Sokha, whose alliance with Rainsy has at times proved tenuous, a fact Manith played up in a post on his Facebook page.

“Is Kem Sokha not good enough for the job? . . . Does Sam Rainsy not trusting his Deputy to become Head of the CNRP?” he asked rhetorically.

Sokha was officially confirmed as the party’s interim leader yesterday. But even after denials from party officials, Fresh News insisted the letter was authentic, saying it “was leaked from the internal CNRP last night and the media published it, but on Sunday morning, Mr Yim Sovann . . . came out and denied” it.

Meanwhile, Manith, head of the Defence Ministry’s intelligence unit, took to Facebook to opine that after the letter’s dissemination, “it makes sense to just deny it in order to protect oneself”.

Ruling party spokesman Sok Eysan said Manith was free to “attack” the CNRP – despite being a high-ranking member of the Kingdom’s ostensibly neutral armed forces as it was “his private business”.

Rainsy, meanwhile, suggested the “leak” was politically motivated: “It should not be hard to work out who was behind it.”


henry said...

Ah Knuckle-head Hun Manith, your texting and voice on FB cannot be manipulated, but simple a letter can be easily altered by using photoshop.

Four-million Souls said...

Like father like sons. He is trying to create a new problem for Khmers to fight against Khmers. Such a low life scumbag. But, like always, all things will come to an end anyway. By 2018, ah Kok Hun Sen dynasty no more. By then 15 millions vs ah Kok dynasty, whether he likes it or not. By then, justice will be prevailed. For now, only time will tell.

Kim Ea said...

Hybrid Yuan son tried to help stir this nation pot to a torment and confusion again .This stark up of news leak and indiscretion with criminal intend was nothing beside drag down the opposition and discredit their movement .I believe this was a pure VC trick behind the scene .