July 5, 2015



Four-million Souls said...

VC will not stop until we bring to ICC. So far, VC have so far gotten away from all crimes being committed to their neighbours like Laos, Champa, Khmer Khrom and all Khmers. They have lied, cheated, robbed and killed for their martial interest. They promised king Sinhanouk that they would return our land sand and sea ( that is Khmer Krom - down do the Mekong delta) once the war is over, in 1970s, but not. Back then, Sinhanouk transported tones of rice and fish to the VC to eat, to have enough energy to fight with the Viet the South. But now, instead of thanking Khmers, the hands of the helpers. They have helped to kill almost all Khmers, leaving only the most vulnerable for them to continue to exploite, to collect more donations, but only to fall into VC's hands, helping to feed their ninety millions plus. This VC Viets race is the most evil race in the world. They are full of shit. They even killed Aust MP named 'John Newman'. Most of the time, they act like they are victims but not, they are actually killers. People should be more careful with this race at all costs, or else that's it. All be doomed. Today Aust govt won't buy it no more and thanks god for that. Because in the end the truth will always be the truth. Amen!

Four-million Souls said...

Just look at Cheang Vun's face. One of the most evil persons in the world. He is a VC in disgusted and there are more e.g whore nam Hong, Nguyen Thi Tu ( bun Ranny Hun sen), men som on ( look at her hair style - so not of Khmers), Hoa Kim Hong, plus almost all CPP are VC controlling freaks. So far, they have helped to ruin it all. They have helped to rob and to kill. They have stripped off our national resources and in making sure that Khmers have almost nothing to eat. They have transported all of our lives stocks plus more during the dead night without being detected. While they are able to block Hun sen from seeing the truth and, the best they could do is to create one problem after another for Khmers leaders to be at each other's throat. While VC at the same time, keeping an eye on our land, sand and sea, and, the best they could do is lying, cheating, robbing and killing. They have fake doctors to steal people organs, fake medicines ( as the real ones have gone to VN - been swapped) fake drips (using same symbol - as though genuine, where no one can detect it, because one of my uncle died from it, someone should do some research and try to find out, what is in that tube) fake everything. VC will find way to kill all, even Hun sen, and will say CNRP did it. Why? Because that is what they do. They did before to all of our heroes e.g Lork Pen Sovann, Lork Chancy, King Sihanouk, Lon Nol, Pol Pot. So, Hun Sen is a dead man walking, Hun sen will be killed by VC very soon, once he is no longer useful. VC will not let his children live either and then will blame on CNRP. So, If Khmers leaders smart enough, be changed, should move be with Khmers love Khmers (CNRP - Sam Rainsy) is the only way. Be united as one. It is never too late to act, be true to yourself and to others, especially to your own people (same blood, and because the truth will alway be the truth and it will be revealed in the end anyway. Right now VC are everywhere, even next to you e,g Ranny Hun sen, Cheang Vun etc.... Hun sen you are a dead man walking and you know that. VC will kill you to hide from telling the truth. That VC is kidnaping you to rule to ruin for their national interest, that's it. Wake Up! Or else that's it.