June 7, 2015

Unthinking, unlimited gratitude



Kim Ea said...

Sihanouk went to beg yuon and CHEN to intervene in Khmer affair, and allowed V.Cong of more than 50,000 killed and destroyed Khmer at their will. Sihanouk clone fanatic Khmer Rum dos work in coordinate with this stupid King Kill more Khmer to please their enemy boss.But that is not enough,he pay tribute to his boss by allowed million of Yuon foreigners enter free to live in this country. on top of that V.Cong soldiers, secret agents of thousands hiding inside of all ministries by changing their name .Yuon have a free will to put an insider parasites to kill our instainct at any time they want. Did Khmer people know about that? The inside enemy in Khmer skin but croc heart and mind still fool you by build souvenir statue to pay tribute to their Khmer killer boss. this a real shameful beyond comprehensible . The deep friendship of thousand years camaraderies of the regime is a real Khmer slaughter and Invasion team.did Khmer of to day learn about it? Time to wake from the deep dream now, we Khmer slept a long ,long night and let the parasite enemies combine with traitor insider ruin this country to ground already .

Chun Sokha said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the strangest relationship ever between the Vietcong masters and the Cambodian Vietcong slave dictator. As for the Cambodian Vietcong slave dictator who suffered from "battered person syndrome" and the Vietcong master can do no wrong!

AH LOP Vietcong slave one-eye dictator would be hard to deny his reputation as the "good Vietcong slave"! As a "good Vietcong slave" and the dictator will commit treason and violated Cambodian constitution to honor the Vietcong master!