June 18, 2015

Cambodia renews call for Vietnam to stop building military post at undemarcated border area

English.news.cn   2015-06-17 18:42:20

PHNOM PENH, June 17 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia on Wednesday renewed its call for Vietnam to cease immediately the construction of a military post at an undemarcated border area between Cambodia's Kandal province and Vietnam's An Giang province.

In a diplomatic note sent to the Vietnamese government, the Cambodian Foreign Ministry said Cambodia has requested Vietnam several times to stop digging the land to lay the foundation for the construction of a military post at the border area close to Preksbov village in Kandal province, but the Vietnamese authorities of An Giang province still continue the construction.

"Therefore, the Royal Government of Cambodia reiterates its request to the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to cease immediately the said activities until the JBC (Joint Border Commission) of the two countries has completely demarcated this area," said the diplomatic note.

On Sunday, Cambodia also demanded Vietnam to "respect the borderline" after it had discovered eight ponds dug by Vietnamese authorities deeply inside northeast Cambodian territory in Ratanakiri province.

Cambodia shares 1,270 km of border with Vietnam to the east. To date, about 80 percent of the border demarcation between the two countries has been completed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...The Vietcong government is preparing for World War III and they are building a version of the Berlin Wall. The Vietcong government is using the same old dirty logic since the cold war and when the Vietcong government has problems with China and they would rather attack Cambodia! How else the Vietcong government can show that they are strong in military confrontation with China!ahahhahahah

I would like to remind the Vietcong government that after they invaded Cambodia in 1979 and China said if the Vietcong government doesn't withdraw from Cambodia and there will be a "second lesson"!