May 5, 2015

Cambodia can be developed until two parties work together

The Cambodia Herald, 04-May-15 11:34AM
PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Opposition leader Sam Rainsy said that wecannot build Cambodia to development the country until the two parties work together.

"Our country cannnot be developed until Cambodian People's Party and Cambodia National Rescue Party work together to build the country," he said during a meeting Sunday with Cambodian Muslim community in Kampong Cham's Stung Trang district.

Taking Malaysia as a model, Rainsy called on Cambodian people to work together by using intelligence and knowledge to prepare the country.

"I call on all Cambodians from both the CNRP and the CPP to unite for the sake of our country," he said.

He also quoted Prime Minister Hun Sen during their visit to Malaysia as saying that "Cambodians have to re-unite."

Photo/ Sam Rainsy's Facebook


SAR YUN said...

Trapped ,tamed and sent to perform in public just for a couple of pieces of bones

Sithan Hin said...

I won't believe that except Hanoi's interests will be preserve.