October 19, 2017

Tea Banh attacks US, says troops prepared

Defence Minister Tea Banh speaks to officials on Monday at the Defence Ministry in Phnom Penh. Facebook

Mech Dara, The Phnom Penh Post
Wed, 18 October 2017

Defence Minister Tea Banh yesterday portrayed his forces as prepared for a David-and-Goliath-style showdown with the US, which he blamed for sowing unrest around the world, and whose purported “colour revolution” in the Kingdom he vowed to quash.

The comments doubled down on the ongoing government broadside against the US for allegedly helping opposition leader Kem Sokha attempt to topple the government – an accusation seemingly based on a 2013 video in which Sokha describes receiving advice from the US, and for which the CNRP president is currently jailed on widely condemned charges of “treason”.

Speaking at a meeting with senior military officials, Banh said the US – which he referred to as “the superpower” – had attempted to cause unrest in countries unfavourable to it under the guise of being “the father of democracy”, as it had with the purported Sokha treason plot.

“They just take the chance to organise those plans, and they have organised it for a long time,” he said. “We need to prepare to face the future challenge, because it will come. We cannot forget their ambitions.”

He said it was the US’s foreign policy to cause turmoil in countries for its own benefit, pointing to its interference during the Khmer Rouge era and the ensuing decades of civil war. Citing what he characterised as widespread bafflement over Sokha’s arrest and Hun Sen’s apparent antagonism towards the US, he said the premier had been able to take the extreme measure only because Cambodia was able to fight back and would not be cowed.

“I dare to say this, and we dare to arrest the opposition leader, so we will not step back, but we only will step forward,” he said. “They put sanctions on us in the 1980s until we lost flesh and blood. But we will face it.”

Banh’s comments were not his first provocative remarks – before the June commune elections he vowed to “smash the teeth” of would-be opposition protesters – and came in the midst of a sustained effort by government officials to publicly justify the arrest of Sokha and attack the US.

Defence Ministry spokesman Chhum Socheat yesterday backed up his superior, saying that no efforts would be spared to ensure internal security, but said the minister’s comments on “future challenges” did not refer to military actions.

“We will not allow them to use people or forces to destroy the happiness of people,” he said. “[But] we have no capacity to go to war with the US.”


sam said...
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Khmer Oversea said...

I am very happy that the Khmer rough will prepare to go to their graves for suicides, so Khmer people will live in peace.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...what do you expect these are these Vietcong slaves leaders and they will do whatever ever the Vietcong leaders tell them to do and they are comedians! I never understand why these Vietcong leaders such AH Tea Banh and AH Chhum Socheat including AH Hun Cent Vietcong slave dictator would do anything contrary to the Vietcong leaders! But in this case, the Vietcong leaders are more pro-American than ever and they will receive infinite military aids to invade Cambodia and Laos 1000 times over and for the Vietcong slave leaders such AH Hun Cent, AH Tea Banh, and AH Chhum Socheat dare to go against American government? This is a joke! How dare AH Hun Cent Vietcong slave dictator against the interest of the Vietcong government.

The simple Vietcong logic dictates that the Vietcong leaders must push the Cambodian Vietcong slave dictator and their slaves to go against American government in order for the Vietcong leaders to be very close to the American government and more military aid, transfer technology, and more trade between Vietnam and the United States will benefit Vietnam in the long term. The second invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam will happen in the future regardless about the threat by China to teach Vietnam a second lesson.

China and Vietnam rolled out the red carpet for the United States but for Cambodia under AH Kook Hun Cent Vietcong slave dictator has no red carpet for the United States...what is wrong here? Well...AH Kook Hun Cent Vietcong slave dictator is no longer needed by the Vietcong leaders and even to extend by China...and the dictator has no way to run and no where to hide...bye, bye, bye...ahahhahha

Bong Song said...

I hope one day soon, the Vietcong will be under another ruler like the French for 200 years again. Maybe this time, their neighbor China. They didn't learn their lesson.

Kim Ea said...

Graduated from a jungle academic ,must propel a strong word without merit . This minister of defend head don't know nothing beside kiss ash of Hun Sen dictator. This event show well to all of Khmer that the incompetency defend minister a four stars without military training or military academic education .