August 4, 2014

Announcement from Ministry Of Religions And Cults on Thean Vuthy

Archived Videos of Thean Vuthy and Hun Sen and Bun Rany

Thean Vuthy greets Hun Sen

Thean Vuthy honored medal by Hun sen


Anonymous said...

just curious since i have not seen or read anything much about him before this... what kind of miracle feats did he perform for people to be so gullible as to worship him ? did he walk on water or cure any terminal disease or did he predict any event which later came true ? or are some people just plain stupid ?

Anonymous said...

Ah durgunshit, who is the dumb one here? You the evil VC controlling freak or the innocent who love justice and who would never hurt anyone's feeling. Of course, you are smart but smart ass and everyone knows that, hahaha

Anonymous said...

This man has performed:
lie to innocent people to bring him $$$. This is an imposture.

Anonymous said...

August 4, 2014 at 7:47 AM

Cambodians are gullible but not for the True Truth. We inherited lies from our fathers. Oh that the Gospel of God's Kingdom would readily be accepted. But the god of this world (Satan) hath blinded their eyes and ears that they should believe the LIE.

Look at how the corruption of Western entertainment are readily accept all for fame and being cool.

For Zion Sake I will not be silent. For Jerusalem sake I will not be still.

For Zion Sake-Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy to destroy Buddhism in Cambodia, so that Hanoi can swallow up Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

This guy may has some skills to push the illigal yuons out of our country. Look Even, the Minister of Religion is also a "Yuon: Min Khin" ..infiltration of yuon Hanoi in Buddhism in Cambodia-Ask Lok HochiMin Monk-Tep Vong! People-Please use your Satis & Panh-nha in practicing 5 precepts of sila for our everyday life act our Lord Buddha.

Anonymous said...

He is CPP creation. Money maker.

Kmenhwatt said...

Hanoi is laughing at Nambodians always to its bank.Why this foe sit so high up on the throne and those dumb followers that including monks and old folks believe in this kind of lies.

Amazing these days of age people are still believes non sense like this...Jendah and her K,I colleagues believes this crap as well,huh? Wake up folks,stop living as PRIMATIVE STAGE, like Stone Age Ape men!...,