April 5, 2014

The Hun Sen government accuses me of staging a "constitutional coup"

Sam Rainsy president of the Cambodia National Rescue Party talks to members of the press at the Phnom Penh
airport after he welcomed King Norodom Sihamoni on his return to Cambodia on September 11, 2013 in Phnom
Penh, Cambodia. King Norodom Sihamoni returns to Cambodia amid election controversy and has been asked 
by the opposition leader to intervene in the election dispute. The King had been in China where it is said
he was receiving a medical check up. (September 10, 2013 - Source: Nicolas Axelrod/Getty Images AsiaPac)


Following my April 2, 2014 letter to His Majesty the King (see attached article in The Cambodia Daily, April 4, 2014), the Hun Sen government accused me today of staging a "constitutional coup." This is a very serious accusation on the part of the CPP-led government, which could make me liable to a harsh punishment given Cambodia’s politically subservient Court.

Ironically or not, it was me who has been accusing the ruling CPP of staging a constitutional coup following the unconstitutional convening on September 23, 2013 of a one-party National Assembly whereas the Constitution states that Cambodia must follow a political system of liberal and plural democracy. I have also been saying that an unconstitutional Assembly can only produce an unconstitutional and illegal government.

Planning to use their Kangaroo Court again to silence their opponents, the CPP seems determined to punish me because I dare continuously question the legitimacy of the Hun Sen government. But, as always, they are using a very poor pretext not only on the substance but also on the facade because the letter I wrote to the King was a private one, like the countless letters that I used to write to the late and respected King-Father Norodom Sihanouk. Given that the present King has not responded to me yet, it seems most inappropriate on the part of the Hun Sen government to react the way they did to my private letter. We all should first wait for the King’s reaction.

Sam Rainsy
CNRP President


Anonymous said...


In this clip, Hun Sen had acknowledged that based on 2012 local elections, his CPP party would not win the 2013 general elections. His party received only 3.5 million votes whereas the other 6 million voters did not vote for his party. He said only the top-level people within his party would realize this and the lower-level staff had no clue. He also admitted that there were only two main parties in the race (CNRP and CPP) and that the CNRP was hoping to get those 6 million votes that did not vote for CPP in 2012.

Knowing that the CPP would lose the general elections, the CPP-owned National Election Committee (NEC – also known in Khmer as KOR-CHOR-BOR) had formulated the result of the votes in such a way that the outcome would put CPP at or above the 50% mark because they created a 50+1 law. That is exactly what happened. The outcome of 68 members was mechanically calculated. It was not a purely random outcome.

This is the reason why the Cambodian people are demanding the vote investigation. The fact that NEC refused to investigate the seriously flawed elections already confirms the vote fraud. This is a very serious matter that must be resolved.

Anonymous said...

Can the CNRP accuses the CPP as of the following:

1- Stealing the votes
2- Violating of the country constitutional law
3- Committing crimes against innocent khmers
4- Obstructing of justice
5- Allowing illegal Vietnames to live in Cambodia
6- Destructing of national resources?
7- Suppression of the rights to freedom of speech and expression

8- And the long list will keep coming......

Anonymous said...

Oui c est normal Mr le président lorsqu'on est trop faible on devrait supporter la pression, car notre adversaire connaît très bien notre point faible.
Hun sen est un traître impardonnable, donc qu est qu on attendre? Il ne faut pas rever que hun sen va mettre à genoux devant cnrp, jamais et jamais, donc nous attendons quoi pour réagir?

Anonymous said...

Any leaders who trust King those are the same side of HUN SEN mean Viet Puppets R communist Party ? KRANHUN EASAN

Anonymous said...

If CNRP is too coward to overthrow this illigal government, just shut up, and let other Khmers do what ever they like, so long they achieve the outcome desired.

I see no other solution for Cambodia if it want to be free.

Anonymous said...

Stop grab the snake by the tail Mr. Ransy grab it by the neck and twist it. The blind dog now you push to the wall ,and what this blind dog Hun Sen would do? It gonna bite you feet and spread you with it rabies poison ,so if you don't want to get kill by this damn dog ,you must bite it back.Mr. Sam you wasted too much the golden opportunities times to kill this traitor dog.

Anonymous said...

If the Khmer population rise up, the international community will support the Khmer population, and if there is a crack down, ICC can intervene early, the armed forces can side with the Khmer population and trigger the down fall of Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of extending enough time for ah!!! thug Hun Sen,turn to bite Mr Sam Rainsy. But nothing to worry anyway. Remember Mr Sam Rainsy, you have got:
- Over 3 million Khmer patriot behind you.
-You have got Democracy country behind you.
-you have got U.N behind you.
Hun Sen is in panic, serious situation. we can say < political Paranoia of Hun Sen>.

Anonymous said...

Cette fois ci lorsque le peuple khmer se révolte contre gouvernement youn pro et s il y aura quelqu'un essaie d éteindre le feu celui là est l espion youn et c est sûr c est lui, c est pas la peine de réfléchir.