March 12, 2014

Missing Plane Veered 350 Miles Off Course


A Vietnamese Air Force crew member checks a map while searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight off Vietnam's island Phu Quoc on March 11, 2014.

School of Vice: The occupied Cambodian island of Koh Tral ['Phu Quoc'] is closer to the mainland of Cambodia than it is to Vietnam yet the Cambodian authorities justify their exclusion from the search mission pointing out that the 'suspected point' is not approximate to Cambodia, but somewhere between Vietnam and Malaysia?

VOA News
March 11, 2014

Malaysia's military believes a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner with 229 people on-board flew another 500 km (350 miles) -- with its transponder and other tracking systems turned off -- after losing contact with air traffic control.

Flight MH370 was about midway between Malaysia's east coast town of Kota Bharu and the southern tip of Vietnam when civilian authorities lost contact with it.

"It changed course after Kota Bharu and took a lower  altitude. It made it into the Malacca Strait,'' a senior military officer, who has been briefed on investigations, told Reuters.

The search for the missing plane has expanded to include the Malacca Strait, which is located between Malaysia's western coast and Indonesia's Sumatra island, on the opposite side of Malaysia from the plane's last known position recorded by civilian authorities.

To reach the busy shipping lane, the plane would have had to cross over the country. 

The Boeing 777 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it vanished early Saturday, less than an hour after takeoff, without sending a distress signal.

Turning off the transponder would make the aircraft unidentfiable to civilian controllers, but it would remain visible to the type of radar used by militaries.

No apparent terror link 

The head of Interpol says the jet's disappearance does not appear to be related to terrorism. However, the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency said Tuesday that terrorism could not be ruled out.

"You cannot discount any theory,"' CIA Director John Brennan said in Washington.

Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Noble says new information about two Iranian men who used stolen passports to board the plane makes terrorism a less likely explanation for the jet's disappearance.

The international police agency released photos showing the two boarding the plane at the same time.  They are identified as Pouri Nourmohammadi, 19, and Delavar Seyedmohammaderza, 29.

Malaysian Police Inspector General Khalid Tan Sri says the 19 year old was likely trying to migrate to Germany.

"We have been checking his background.  We have also checked him with other police organizations on his profile, and we believe that he is not likely to be a member of any terrorist group," the inspector told reporters. "And we believe that he is trying to migrate to Germany."

These images released by Interpol show Pouri Nourmohammadi, 19, (left) and Delavar Seyedmohammaderza, 29, who allegedly boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines jet with stolen passports.

Khalid said Nourmohammadi's mother knew he was traveling on a stolen passport.

The other man's identity is still under investigation.  But the development reduces the likelihood they were working together as part of a terror plot.

Meanwhile, an extensive review of all of those on board continues.

Khalid says authorities are looking into four possible scenarios in connection with the plane's disappearance: hijacking, sabotage, personal disputes and the psychological condition of those on board.

"There may be somebody on the flight who has bought huge sums of insurance. Who wants the family to gain from it. Or somebody who owes so much money and you know," he said, adding that they are looking at all possibilities.

Air Malaysia says it is in negotiations regarding financial aid with relatives of the Chinese passengers on board.

Cockpit visitors

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines is also looking into an Australian television report that the co-pilot of the missing plane once invited two women into the cockpit during a flight.

Jonti Roos said she and her friend stayed in the cockpit during the one-hour flight on Dec. 14, 2011, from Phuket, Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur. She also said the crew smoked during the flight.

"Malaysia Airlines has become aware of the allegations being made against First Officer Fariq Ab Hamid which we take very seriously. We are shocked by these allegations. We have not been able to confirm the validity of the pictures and videos of the alleged incident,'' the airline said.

Some information in this report was provided by Reuters news agency and VOA's William Ide in Beijing.


Anonymous said...

Incompetence is the reason that Hun Sen does not want to get involved.
Distance wise from the location of the accident, Cambodia is closer than Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

"It changed course after Kota Bharu and took a lower altitude. It made it into the Malacca Strait,'' a senior military officer, who has been briefed on investigations, told Reuters.

If that is the case then the plane would have been hijacked to land somewhere in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the Viet to be back in the world news....that's why the Viet hijacked that plane to get back at the chinkies!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like only the Vietnamese who have been the ones to first find something (oil slicks, floating plane door), but then they have turned out to be shit.
They just want to show off their capability or should we say their “incapability”.

Anonymous said...

“A Vietnamese Air Force crew member checks a map while searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight off Vietnam's island Phu Quoc on March 11, 2014.”

The caption under the photo is the Vietnamese propaganda that the Phu Quoc
Island is theirs for the world to see.

These dog eaters are very tricky people.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Yuon dared to do that. It's a declaration of war against China, and Yuon are very afraid of the end of their struggle to survive.

If it was the work of the Radical ISLAM I may believe so.

Recently Bejing issued an alert and persecuted many Muslims in China accused the Muslims for trying to separate China.

In China, there are at least 56 ethnic groups.

Also Malaysia and Indonesia are well known as transits for radical ISLAM Terrorists. Malaysia has about 60% Muslims whereas the rest are Christians. The Christians are Malay of Chinese ancestry.

This world is a Sick world. There are Big Wars. One war is to make this world a One World Government (see one eye on US dollar sign watching us?) by a group called "Free Masonry".

Two is War of Radical Islam to take the whole world to submit to ISLAM. Every Mosque built in any land, that land belongs to ISLAM. ISLAM is not a religion rather a system cannot be asked or revoked. If one dares means Death.

Because of hashly persecution, such as torturing and behead etc,.. million educated Muslims escaped for their lives after they followed Christ. Now the radical forced Malay to adopt the SHARIA Laws. SHARIA Law that any Non Muslims walk by the Muslim village, they must wear hats (men), and women must cover their heads and dress approprietly. If not they can be beheaded or stoned to death.

However, my opinions about the missing plane to China can be the act of Radical ISLAM against China, not from Yuon. Yuon can only with small and weak nations like Cambodia and Laos.

Anonymous said...

You will be surprised what the YUON/Viet would do these days just to get themselves back on the world map besides prostitution, you know that, right 5:43 AM?

Anonymous said...

And torturing animals before killing them for meat?

Anonymous said...

Answering a question with a question - need one say more, 6:21 AM?

Anonymous said...

6:30 AM

You have a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Nope, simply put, just to agree with you! you should know that. Take care...!

Anonymous said...

Dear all FBFs,
Some made comment on VOA in topic of Malaysia Airline missing what misleaded that RGC wont take part of joinning mission search and rescue of the missing plane. Let me clarify, RGC with its international cooporation sent number of troop in participation of peace keeping abroad as humanitarian. For this sad event of air plane missing, RGC is ready and stand by to response to any call from those related victime nations withing our capacity and ability. As the nation of ASEAN pool for search and rescue, RGC improve its abilities and resources to be effective in part of this responsive job. Best

Siphan Phay

Anonymous said...

if the malaysian military knew all along about this, i wonder what took them so long to search for the any life. i think the victims' families will all sue the malaysian airlines for prolonging the search and let people die who may have survived this tragic ordeal. that will teach them a lesson to properly check for stolen passports and expediate the search process so life can be saved and wreckage can be found faster.

Anonymous said...

Just read Phay Siphan’s poor English.
How in hell does he get a job as a spokesperson for the government?
What’s a shame!

Anonymous said...

Phay Siphan? A viet's born, brought up and raised to kill Khmer's inhabitant...Need we say more?

Anonymous said...

Cambodians are jealous that Vietnam is getting all the attentions. Every country in the region is involved in the search, except for Cambodia. The world totally ignored Cambodia. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You know why 7:59 AM? And can you tell us why, if you are nice and friendly to us all, 7:59 AM?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The world knows that the Viet sucks and sucks big time using its prostitution sucking. Can -Drgunzet- say it to the contrary??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ask the French!
Ask the Russians! Ask the Americans!

The Viet/Yuon just sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Webb happy marring that Viet's bitch -Drgunzet-?

Webb's junior

Anonymous said...

You bitch Viet -Drgunzet-,

How about facing the reality of life yourself huh you Viet bitch?

The world knows all about you Viet Bitch [Capital B]'s true color already!!!

The world is not stupid -Drgunzet-!!!

Kmenhwatt said...

It's time to stop using Phu qouc and using the original word Koh Tral instead, Because Koh Tral was was original and Phu quoc was stolen and island from Khmer with the help of puppeteer ah kwaq Sen in 1982 and 2005 was illegal according Paris accord agreement. Koh Tral is forever named by Khmer and belong to Khmer eversince Annam was just Chinese bandits,not Phu quoc, it's illegal....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like only the Vietnamese who have been the ones to first find something (oil slicks, floating plane door...), but then they have turned out to be shit.
They just want to show off their capability or should we say their “incapability”.

Anonymous said...

Superior Drguznet - Why haven't you figured out where the plane went after the last radar contact?

You bragged about how you can play chess with your eyes closed--well, pick up the trail of this plane after last radar contact. I venture to guess, probably less complicated then a chess game?


Anonymous said...

Stop posting about the Viet behind the plane crash or the world will continue thinking Khmer are idiots. Focus on the issue at hand.

Anonymous said...

I believe the airplane has been hijacked, then flew all the way to the middle of Indian ocean, to the deepest part so that it cannot be found.

This way, it will be the greatest and longest mystery to be unsolved for a long time.

My reasoning is simple. The hijackers wait at the middle of the air zones between Malaysia and Vietnam to cause confusion. Vietnam thought the air plane turned back and stopped challenging the airplane. Malaysia thought the airplane left their space, entering Vietnam, thus stopped tracking.

So, the hijackers would have the airplane to do a rapid descend to drop off the radar scan. And that's why the good Vietnamese Admiral initially guessed that the plane crashed due to the rapid loss of altitude.

Then the hijack plane flew back, Westward to the Indian ocean till it runs out of fuel. The world seems to go mad and people are acting nastier and weirder everyday.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It does not matter how many objects the Vietnamese have found, what matter is the objects that they found are credible are not. They rush to tell the world before they analyze the objects just to show off.
As we all know that the Vietnamese are the masters of manipulation, so the world should not count too much on their finds.
The US have a lot of experience with plane crashes, but they have not open their mouth about any find yet.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Do you know that liars like to swear?

So your sworn words don’t mean shit.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Go ahead motherf**ker, what are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

9:59 AM - Dragon Vietcong

According to the United Nations Data, 1 out 5 Vietcong lady is a prostitute. No wonder they got ten times the population than Cambodia even though their calendar is way behind Cambodian, unbelievable.

I didn't even know DIRTY Vietcong are the most sick, EVIL honey animals in Southeast Asia, DAMN!

Anonymous said...

show us the link to your UN data or you just sound stupid!

Anonymous said...

March 12, 2014 at 12:02 PM

Here is the link that you want:

Anonymous said...

And here:

Anonymous said...

What??? Youtube not UN. OMG. Is it how you live your life?

Anonymous said...

The plane was flying 30,000 height in altitude when it was lost in a radar. The oil slicks was more than nine miles. There were no aeroplane debris a long the slicks. Could not they figure it out first that may be it was coming out from an old ship?

Anonymous said...

Hijacking the planes were Yuon? Why there were not Photos of Yuon in plane besides some Muslims?
A small nation like Yuon would risk to lose the land they took from Cham, Lao and Khmers for things they are never experienced besides on the ground combat?

Don't argue for the sake of Hate but argue based on situationx. If Yuon wanted to kill those Chinese passengers, many of them visited Cambodia and Laos.

With all warship and planes bought from Russia on Cambodia's expense won't do much to scratch China. Yes has weapins can make a nation to feel safe but nit guarantee.

Radical Islam are experts and Champion for that nature. Furthermore, I won't singld out Japanese against China either.

Japanese regardless the world stop paying attentions to the after their greatest defeat in WWII, they are remaining mystery under the sea and underground bunker.

If Yuon collabirate with Japanese may be, but to say Yuon act alonr against China is laguable, like telling people a little kid beat up his Dad.

You make DZet, the Pro Yuon sits on superior chair when he deserves Not.

Khmers defeated by enemies were not recentky. It takes back to the decline of the empire economy first then military defense.

It was a new Rekigion of Buddhism that led to weak the empire economy, then collapsed.

Buddhism was the sources of all destructions in Khmer nation. One can deny as he wants but the fact the Buddhism was hijacked by 1st Thais now by Yuon. Yuon not only hijacked Khmer Buddhism but all economy and all political stripes.

There were unheard of a small poor nation has million monks and about 5000 tempkes.

Khmer Buddhists keep denying and lying to the people that we prefer to die, but Khmer Sassna (buddhism) must be survived. Don't let outsiders destroy our Sassna.

Oh yesss? Buddhism was not Khmer Sassna when Khmers were so powerful and so wealthy.
This poison was injected to people mind by a group of destroyers of Khmer empire. They see no evils in themselves but always others.

Buddhism was a new foreign Sassna that destroyed the great Empire..
They know who they are, they are the Leeches, Cancer in the society. They destroyed Khmers for 800 years still pushing more monks and more temples.

Was Jayavaraman 7 great as the fanatic Buddhists claimed? NO.
It was JAYAVARAMAN 2, the True Greatest Khmer Leader. His name was not mentioned or revered by the Buddhist Satanists at all.

Stop blaming others but start to learn about ourselves. This hijacking by Yuon upon the destroyers is REAL.

May be Jayavaraman 2 cursed Khmer Buddhist the Satanists, that We sure bekieve.

Anonymous said...

My post at 9:16pm. I typed fast rushing to go to work, so I made a lot of Typo.
However you all understand what I meant.

Anonymous said...

9:21 PM What do you for a living?

Anonymous said...


First of all, the world must realize that Cambodia’s problem is not between Khmer and Khmer, but it is between Cambodia and Vietnam. That’s why it has always been complex.

To solve Cambodia’s problems, the world needs to understand Vietnam’s behavior.

In 1968, Vietnam had declared that it would honor the Vietnamese New Year by not attacking during that New Year.
That declaration was simply a trick. Vietnam (North) had launched a surprise nationwide attack, making it the turning point of the Vietnam War favoring Vietnam.

In 1973, the US had signed the peace treaty with North Vietnam. That peace treaty was only made for Vietnam to break and violate.

In 1991, Vietnam had signed the Paris peace accord with other 18 countries. Vietnam did not comply with such agreement and implemented instead all the bilateral treaties it had signed with its puppet CPP.

Presently, the CNRP is negotiating with the CPP, which is Vietnam’s puppet.

If Vietnam had never been complied with any treaty, what factors that caused the CNRP to believe that the CPP (Vietnam’s slave) will honor its binding contracts ?
Notice that Ah Chker Chkuot Hun Sen cannot make any decision without his evil master Vietnam’s approval.

Therefore, we can conclude that the outcome of the negotiation between the CNRP and the CPP will be certainly fruitless.

Now that the negotiation has failed miserably to solve the political impasse, what should the CNRP do to save our motherland ??

I have totally supported the peaceful demonstration mounted by the CNRP. Any violence or armed struggle would only make the CNRP to fall into Vietnam’s trap.

But how to make that peaceful demonstration successful and reach our ultimate goal ?

The CNRP must have a realistic idea and believe that without our people ultimate sacrifice, Cambodia will never be freed from this evil monster Vietnam.

Here is my suggestion:

Inform our people throughout the country through facebook, radio, etc… about a specific date of the demonstration.
When we go to the demonstration, we must bring some defensive tool such as BANGKY to protect against the baton. Make sure that we don’t bring ANY offensive tool.
(We use BANGKY to hold dirt).

When those animals hit us, we use that BANGKY to protect ourselves and if we can grab that baton we can use that baton to hit those animals back. This way Ah Chker Chkuot Hun Sen and the International community cannot paint and blame us as violent demonstrators because we got those batons from those animals and fighting back to protect ourselves is an instinct of any living creature.

If the demonstrators’ death reached over one thousand, I firmly believe the International community will intervene and punish Ah Chker Chkuot Hun Sen for his criminal acts, and that would be the end of the devil Hun Sen.

Cambodia will have a new election hopefully under the International community’s supervision.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Even if this plane was hijacked and plunged into the ocean, the probability is high of debris left at the scene floating on water. Unless it hit the water like water skis and sunk in due time still intact.


Anonymous said...

Bun Thoeun,
Man are you still in Old rusty School. Why every time you mentioned "The World must know and care about Yuon did this or that to Khmers..". You are about to go back to the grave still you refused to know the fact that worrying about their own miserable problems. Every nation just barely survive and many still face wars. killing, corruptions...? Why do they care about us Khmers? They knew that Yuon already took Cambodia and Laos though not officially but practically, of course.
Vietnam War was and Pol Pot regime occurred were clearly proved that Yuon Superflous Evidence. Do they care about Khmers? No and No, but they care about Cambodia land, per se.
Haven't read Soviet helped Yuon to kill Khmers from the sky showering deadly chemical powder that killed too many at the border of Thai_Khmer? It's not Khmers that they care but the land, the geographical area they want to radiate their sphere, it is West against Russia +China. Each of the Two needs Yuon for its own side. Because Yuon have a big Army among the world top 10.

From that point on, use your mind and think harder, when Yuon asked that their new Indochina federation that consists Yuon, Khmer and Laos be recognized, then guess what? Khmers are nothing but Cambodia yes.

Be mindful Folks. Pol Pot tried it, but he failed. because Yuon were inside Cambodia with him.Pol Pot saw the dangerous of his nation conveying through the False doctrine Buddhism he eliminated, but Yuon reinstated then killed Pol Pot.

You get to admit the facts that Buddhism was first introduced to Jayavaraman 7 by Thai, though Khmers were not allowed to write down m the History. but existed in other nations who kept.

Buddhism was a soft weapons that Thais applied upon Jayavaraman 7, who brought it in, then doomed the Empire. If you said Thais are Buddhists. OK, buy they were well armed, and they had big army long before they were defeated by Chinese. They took all Khmers treasures, so they were wealthy.

Stop blaming others but look inside our house, why Yuon can control Khmers?

Did Jews have million Monks and 5000 temples? No. Most Jews worked so hard inspite of persecution. Now Jews are powerful and control the world Financial means.

Ps: Someone asked me what I do for living? Born in 1978 from Italian Dad and Khmer
Mom. Mathematician works in a small company owned by Iranian American making semiconductor chips. My last name Machiano.

Anonymous said...

If the missing plane went down between Malaysia and Vietnam, debris will be spotted within days. China already released satellite images of 3 big pieces of debris size of a basketball court worthy of the aircraft size. The images capture on Sunday, within days of the missing report.

If the airplane flew all the way to the middle ocean of Indian ocean with the 6-hour long fuel capacity, there will be no debris to be found. The vastness of the ocean will swallow up pretty much all sign.

There is a patch of Indian ocean where there is virtually no ship or planes travelling through. (I memorize the whole world atlas in my head so I do know.)


P.S. I will compose a post to post on other forums. And I will start to increase the "intensity" of the materials I post to pressure you folks until you yield. I do have enough damning materials to make you folks looking very bad.

But I am a nice guy, I won't lash out at once, I will just slowly cranking up the heat.

Anonymous said...


Very good, now do you want a medal?
But, I bet you don’t where your shit hole is?
Either top or bottom, they are both stink.

Anonymous said...


Very good, now do you want a medal?
But, I bet you don’t know where your shit hole is?
Either top or bottom, they are both stink.

Anonymous said...

You are not a nice guy as you have claimed. There were never nice guys except Jesus Christ who came and walked on earth among the poor, healed the sick and raised Lazarus from death without charging money.
Jesus Christ who came to earth to serve humans, taught us how to forgive and love one another, and feed the poor etc.. A nice guy, Jesus Christ laid down his life for friends for humans as a lamb for sacrificing to God so we can be saved. A nice guy is the person who serves humans, and feed humans instead of grabbing food from the poor, and sitting to be bowed and served. A nice guy does not take side. Unlike a nice guy you take side with Yuon and Hun Sen. A nice guy does not destroy others.

I don't consider myself a nice guy, rather I am a learner to survive and trying to do no harm to others.

Anonymous said...

There has been a report of an outline plane image at the bottom of the ocean in the search area. I looked at it too and determine that it was the outline of two ships side by side. The debris satellite image from Chinese authority is the current best lead.


Anonymous said...

Life is unpredictable. Those passengers came from different parts of the world walking into the same plane together not knowing beforehand that their last destination was soon arrived.

As much as we want to say "May you all rest in Peace", but we will never know where will their souls be taking to, unless the deads appear to us in the dreams.

I teach myself not to be sad for this kind of situation, but I cannot bear it too long.

This problem is not the 1st time nor the last. Each of us will soon die.

Anonymous said...

A nice guy serves gansters in Cambodia? The same low class uneducated gangs that have the most PhD degrees without going to schools neither can speak nor write.

This Dgunzet$$$ is truly the work of SATAN.

My friend, Christ is an exceptional. He is the nicest above all. Fed the poor, healed the sick, raised the dead, ...forgive others, love our enemy, etc., and predicted his own death 3 days on the cross to save our souls. He is Holy gentleman.. Only through Him, men will turn to love. If Hun Xen, fears God, he would have stepped down for the love of his people who want him out.
Sadly no one including monks fears God in Cambodia.

Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

If Hun Xen knows Christ, he will give back money billion dollars he robbed the Khmer people, but neither Hun Xen nor his lost soul friends knew or seen or met the Living God. If Khmers know the Living God they will prevail, and Yuon will not able to take Cambodia, and Dgunzet$$ will stop serving SATAN.

Anonymous said...

Dude. To be served, to be bowed, to be worshiped to have all the preveleges are monks' power, they will not want to give up, and they will fight against Christ by all means.

By the way this German pseudo Doggunzet is a serial killer nice guy. He kills his opponent softly, no pain, just like he said.

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh the Satanist monks fight against God for 800 years, they lost the empire now a tiny Cambodia has no border with Yuon.
Now all the satanists scattering around in powerful wealthy Christians nations making money preaching the same false doctrine to each others where not once their false doctrine ever performed miracles but destructions. Without the powerful Christian nations, the satanists will eat each others like in North Korea.