February 9, 2014

The story of cartoonist Bun Heang Ung


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The story of cartoonist Bun Heang Ung

The following story appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia on July 20, 1985:

Life under the Vietnamese-occupied Cambodia: The story of Cambodian Cartoonist Bunheang Ung
by Peter White

A set of Vietnamese buck teeth brought a Kampuchean illustrator and cartoonist, Bunheang Ung, within a hair's breadth of arrest and "political re-education". Bun, who escaped from Kampuchea in 1979, now lives in Australia and works for a film animation company. In 1979, after surviving the terror and slaughter of the Pol Pot regime, he was working in the Ministry of Information in Phnom Penh. Like all areas of government, the ministry was controlled by the Vietnamese forces and Bun had been given the task of drawing cartoons for animated propaganda films lauding the benevolence of Vietnam in liberating Kampuchea from the Khmer Rouge. Before Pol Pot's victory in 1975, Bun had worked for 5 years as a political cartoonist for a leading independent Phnom Penh newspaper. With a typical cartoonist's liking for humorous exaggeration and caricature, he had developed a style of drawing Vietnamese with rabbit-like front teeth. Unfortunately, Bun was unable to suppress this tendency when drawing for the propaganda films of his communist masters. He was accused of deliberately poking fun at the Vietnamese. His job, according to his Vietnamese masters, was to show smiling Vietnamese soldiers helping Kampuchean peasants. They claimed Bun was secretly in sympathy with the prohibited policies of the former regime and was trying to stir up nationalist sentiment against the Vietnamese. The charges were serious and Bun's fellow workers were assembled to criticise Bun's work. Imprisonment and deportation to a re-education camp seemed inevitable.

The story of Bun's struggle to survive against the odds is a remarkable one. It is one in which his profession sometimes brought him close to death but at other times was his salvation. Bun was born into a prosperous middle class family. From a young age he wanted to become an artist, hot art bad little status among the Kampuchean middle class. When he entered the Phnom Penh school of fine arts it was against a chorus of complaints from relatives who felt he should be pursuing a career in law, medicine or engineering. That rebellious decision was to be Bun's salvation. When Pol Pot's forces burst into Phnom Penh in 1975, Bun fled with his family into the countryside. He threw away his pen and paper and worked in the rice paddies to provide enough food to keep the family alive. But no-one was safe. The Khmer Rouge began a systematic persecution of the former professional classes who were held to represent the decadent bourgeois values which had no place in Pol Pot's new Kampuchea. Doctors, engineers and lawyers were tracked down and executed. 

As a former fine arts student, a career usually followed by the poor and lower classes. Bun escaped suspicion. "When I started fine arts, my uncles blamed my father for allowing it. They said I should follow a proper career. But when Pol Pot came, they were always being chased by the Khmer Rouge; their lives were always under threat. I'm sure that if I had become a doctor or an engineer as they wanted that I would never have survived," he said. And while it was Bun's art work that angered the Vietnamese, it was also his artistic skills which enabled him to escape. After the incident over the buck teeth, he did his best to placate his outraged Vietnamese bosses. "I said, 'Yes I am terribly sorry for drawing like that'. I said that it was because there must be something wrong with my brain, that all my suffering under the Khmer Rouge must have damaged my brain and that was why I drew the Vietnamese like that," he said. But he knew that his days were numbered and so turned his artistic skills to forging official travel papers which would enable him to travel freely into the countryside. His copy was a good one and he and his family arrived safely in a town near the Thai border. From there it was only a short Journey to the safety of a Thai refugee camp and then, six months later, settlement in Australia. Now Bun has co-operated with the former Australian Indo-China correspondent Martin Stuart-Fox to write and illustrate a personal account of his experiences under Pol Pol and the Vietnamese in a recently published book called The Murderous Revolution.


Sothea said...

A talented and brilliant mind such as his will surely be missed. I hope his family can find some solace in knowing that he lived his life the way he envisioned and touched many lives in his cartoons.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am very very sad,for the lost of our intellectual person like this one,brother Bun Heang you did me a favor many times on this site,we did not know each others personally but our heart and soul speaking the same tone CAMBODIA CAMBODIA with out Hun Sen and youn. May your soul rest in peace in the haven, there will be million more Cambodians will following your food print and unfinished obligations.

eang said...

We are deeply sorry to hear about the death of Mr Ung Bun Heang. I love his cartoon very much. The picture made me smile and laugh. You are gone for ever, but our heart and our soul are always with you in this time of sorrow. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one.

Anonymous said...

In the article, "...The Khmer Rouge began a systematic persecution of the former professional classes who were held to represent the decadent bourgeois values which had no place in Pol Pot's new Kampuchea. Doctors, engineers and lawyers were tracked down and executed..."

So, are you folks going to blame the Vietnamese for that or it's Pol Pot's fault?


P.S. Is it the natural behavior of the Khmer people? On this forum, when I claim to be a super smart Asian, you folks don't like that a bit. Imagine you folks are Khmer Rouges and I am an Engineer. Would you folks execute me?

Anonymous said...


You ain't smart. smart people don't boost and they don't lie or creat stories of nonsense e.g was brough up by German and American but fail to recognise right from wrong, and that you are not on CPP side, but your words say so otherwise, blalalala and that you have fair skin and is related to YOUN and that you are smart comparing to us, duh!~ Youn ain't no smart either, since they are full of shit!. They can never survive well without stealing, robbing and killinng those innocent ones in their path. They lied, cheated, and manipulated to be where they are today and you say, YOUN like you are smart, haha. From now since you get caught by me, only time will tell. Since 'justice will be done on earth in heaven' or the 'road to death is through a lying tongue', what do you think? for now on, you can run but you can't hide. Because once you get caught, thats it! haha, I am glad I am not YOUN like you.

Anonymous said...

Hi [bloody mouth] Drgunzet- @8:50AM,

Don't have to go that far, that much [getting Khmer or Vietnamese involved] trying to get yourself killed...Just come to our hood here, and your ass will be blown up and apart to pieces in just a matter of seconds...So quit when you can!!!

P.s. The bloody Viet's ass is the source of all misery in Indochina! Ask the French and the Americans and they will tell you that no history reading is necessary [ esp. for you]...They know it first hand!!!

Anonymous said...


What do the people around the world say about you Viet's true color?

Anonymous said...

In the leaked cable, Lee Kuan Yew was quoted, "Vietnam government are bright and fast learners."


P.S. In the last couple years, Vietnam started to go after corruptions. They already went after several dozen high-ranking officials. Some were put to death sentence or life sentence. Cambodia will have to wait for several more years before Mr. Hun Sen would do the same thing. For now, he is waiting for the corrupting officials to get fat and lose the will to fight.