December 19, 2013

Got Questions for Sam Rainsy?


Savoeun Koy said...

Dear Honorable Sam Rainsey, we, Cambodians in San Jose, California, had actively support our good causes in getting true justice and democracy in our country which is falling under world standard by current regime. Since non violent demonstrations are done and will be organized more and more in the future, some people ideas are questioning that Cambodian sentiments would affect on security and concern about safety of the demonstrators. If we can shorten the demonstration by searching into legal way such as phone conversations of Samdach Hun Sen with his authorities on or before the election days, we probably can find evidence of election fraud. Any phone conversation should be recorded by the phone companies whatever we want or not. If a phone conversation proves that

Anonymous said...

ANY EXIT STRATEGY on your PART TO DEAL WITH THE DEADLOCK? Or KEEP PRESSING ON WITH DEMONSTRATION, MAKING NOICES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE, THROWING SOMETHING AT HUN SEN HOPING IT WILL STICK. Let say, if new election demand is stuck in neutral, and pressing on for election investigation is going nowhere, and going back to ask for chairmanship of National Assembly falls into deaf ear, then CNRP WILL KEEP DOING WHAT HAS BEEN DOING SO FAR, HOPING HUN SEN AND HIS TEAM WILL OVERREACT WITH VIOLENT CRACKDOWN, THEN THE INTERBATIONAL COMMUNITY WILL REACT. OR CNRP CAN SEND HARDCORE SUPPORTERS TO OCCUPY THE PRIME MINISTER OFFICE, triggering Hun Sen heavy hand response. PERHAPS, ONE OF THE OPTIONS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IS TO HAVE MR. SAM comes up with reasonable roduct to convince is supporters that working with the Government now is the best way to serve them better but will maintain strong watchful eyes, and those CNRP OFFICIALS WHO WORK WITH THE GOVERNMENT will resign immediately when things donot go as they promise to serve. The supporters concern that once the CNRP OFFICIALS enter the agreement then they willl likely fall into trap and sell out to CPP, LIKE FUNCIPEC. SO IF CNRP CAN'T make that pledge then DEMONSTRATE THEIR COMMITMENT TO THE PLEDGE, THEN CNRP IS NOT READY TO LEAD AND TAKE OVER THE CURRENT CORRUPT REGIME.

Anonymous said...

H.E. Sam Rainsy,

We need to install a big screen for the slice show at Democratic Park showing about Hun Sen's Regime atrocity, norder encroachment, etc...since 30 years.

We support CNRP.