October 19, 2017

Late king Sihanouk...

In 1954 late king Sihanouk visited China and Liv Shao Chi + Chou En Lay.  1960's late king Sihanouk allowed China supplied food & Soviet Union supplied AK-47 and more weapons to Vietminh (NVA) + Vietcong inside Cambodian territories to kill American Arm Force inside South Vietnamese territory at night, day time they came to hide inside Khmer territories.  On 5th January 1970 at 7 pm at night time late King Sihanouk abandoned Cambodia.  Lon Nol never made a coup d'Etat against Sihanouk.  It was his duty to quick Vietcong + Vietminh (NVA) out of Cambodia for the first time in recent Khmer history.  After 18th March 1970 late King Sihanouk appealed every Khmer to join him in Prey Marquis and trained by Vietmingh (NVA) + Vietcong to come back and killed LON NOL troops who were real innocent Khmer.  Lon Nol lost on 17th April 1975.  Pol Pot and Vietminh disguised controlled Cambodia until 7 th January 1979 when Vietnamese invaded Cambodia to make sure that the world confused and the World will not know for sure that Pol Pot genocide was Vietminh disguised and China-Pol Pot did the genocide all together. 

When Vietnam invaded Cambodia 1979 to 1991 Colonel Im Chhoodeth invited Mr. Son San from Paris to create KPNLF + Khieu Samphan who their troops were in the run already  + late King Sihanouk to form CGDK and fought with live and death against fully Soviet Union weapons & the left over US-Vietnam war weapons to 200.000 Vietminh troops + 9000 Hun Sen troops.  The world community have mercy on innocent  Khmer people, they create 23rd October, 1991 Paris Peace Agreement.  The UN formulated UNTAC led by Australian SAS Lieutenant General John Sanderson’s to help Cambodia to have Khmer general election on October 1993.  Innocent Khmer people got cheated by Pol Pot support by China and Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, Chea Sim support by Vietminh & Hanoi government these 2 communist factions refused to lay their arms.  Today Vietnam government swallowing Cambodia and China Colonizing Cambodia.  All innocent Khmer beg the world to return 23rd October 1991 Paris Peace Agreement to go back inside Cambodia as soon as possible which must assist by UN, USA, EU, ASEAN.


Woodhy Chamron
Former Lon Nol Army First Lieutenant OTS/3 Service No. 77 404 from 1970 to 1975.
Former Reach Sei/KPNLF guerrilla Commander Lieutenant General from 1976 to 1993.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, brother, for the acknowledgement of the Cambodian past history and now Cambodian history repeated itself! I am not surprised because it is the nature of the Cambodian leaders to be misled by others great power and somehow the brain power of these uneducated Cambodian leaders fail to see what is down the road such as 10 years, 20 years, 30 years away...and the funny parts the Cambodian leaders always pick the most destructive options for themselves, their people and their country!For Cambodian people for being such a good Buddhist and they will continue to blame on their Karma and the cycle of violence, misfortune, and the instability will never stop because these Cambodian leaders and the Cambodian people fail to take responsibility and fail to understand the consequence!